March 13, 1970 - August 23, 2004

A loving father, a faithful friend, a dedicated soldier


I created this page with the help of my children--Ty and Lani-- to help them in coping with the loss of their father.  Though he did not live with us anymore, Darryl did his best to remain in touch with his children, and cared for them.  My children lost a loving father.  And I lost a friend.



The Darryl in this locket is the Darryl that I we know.  He joined the Army National Guard just as we got married.  I was pregnant for Ty while he attended Basic and AIT .  He came home just a few weeks before Ty was born.  Then in December 1990, Darryl's guard unit was activated for Operation Desert Storm.  While Darryl fought in Kuwait, I was pregnant with Lani.  Darryl returned from the war, injured.  The war was rough on him, which made it hard for us to be together, for him to be around his children, and so we parted ways.  In his new life, Darryl remarried, had a third child named Walker, and joined the regular Army.  Though he was not living with us, we were still a family.  He cared about us and kept in touch when he could.  

While stationed at Ft. Carson, Colorado, he achieved Sergeant rank before he died.    Darryl died in a car fire at his residence August 23, 2004 in the early morning.

On the night before he died , Darryl tried calling all his children, but we were not at home.  Instead, he left them a nice message saying how much he loved them  This message is my children's last words from their father.  

The Soldier's Grave

A shadow falls.
A knock on the door.
A stranger speaks.
A tear falls on the floor.

Time stands still.
The protocol done.
Two children cry.
Their father's gone.

In grief and shock,
Plans are made.
Prayers are said.
Respect is paid.

Memories flood
of the dad who was brave.
Twenty-one guns salute
the soldier's grave.

8Pam L. aka The Dragon Lord, 2004


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A Last Goodbye


May God give us the strength to mourn our loss, 
and the courage to stand up in pride.




The song playing on this page is "Battle Hymn of the Republic."  The American Legion played this at his funeral service in Houma.



 Do Not take any of the graphics.  The webset was made from a picture of flowers used at Darryl's funeral.

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