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Here lies all the information we have on the Dragons of Draconis.  During the Great Devastation, much knowledge was lost of this glorious species -- the dragon!  What information you see here has been reconstructed by the Scribes of Draconis.  Please revisit often, as the Scribes are unearthing much of the lost history of Draconis.

A Draconian History:
(Disclaimer:  This information is fictitious; it is my view of my Dragon World.  If you want real information on real dragon history, then scroll down to the list of outside links.)

Territories of Draconis

Draconian Clans

Anatomy of a Draconian Dragon

Sociology of Dragons and Humans

The Great Devastation/Rebirth

Dragon Spells

Draconian Literature (by the infamous Dragon Lord!)

Dragon' Artists

Famous Dragons


Dragon Links:
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