Since You Have Returned

Since you have returned,
the flowers do bloom,
and the sun shines brightly, 
chasing away the gloom.

The birds in the treetops 
sing a sweet melody,
and the world transforms.
Its beauty I do see.

Since you have returned,
a smile brightens my face
and my eyes do sparkle
as the hurt I erase.

Cleansing my soul of the hate,
and now wanting to feel,
My love for you repairs
what time did not heal.

Since you have returned, 
my night has turned into day,
and your love has 
lifted my pain away.

My heart overflows
with your passion renewed.
And my heart sighs as I realize
I still do love you.

8 Pam aka The Dragon Lord, 2003


Burning Desire

My desire for you burns deep within me
Flooding me with passion about to explode
Your gentle caresses fire up my yearnings
Your urgency intoxicates my soul.
From deep inside me rises a passion
that only you can quench its fire
Your wanting ignites the flames within me
sparking my deep, dark desire.
Drunk on your passionate touch
Your longing I do breathe
The inferno completely consumes us
And your loving embrace satisfies me.

8 Pam aka The Dragon Lord, 2003


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