Welcome to Dragon Breath's DAZ/Posers

I have been creating tubes of my DAZ/Poser Renders that you may use in your PSP and Photoshop creations.  My Terms of Service:  Do not change the filename.  Enjoy using them.

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My Daz/Poser Tubes
Previews of my tubes & download link.

My Clothing Freebies

Genesis Freebies

Other Figures' Clothes


My Poseable Figures



My MATs and Props Freebies

Tarabug Character and Peppermint Elf Textures for Gumdrops Candy

Holly Wool and Winter Wool textures for A3's WoolOne

Christmas Textures for Laura's 3-tier Skirt

Lawn and Snow ground props

Textures for Diamond (horse)

Eye Color for Gumdrops Candy

Sitting poses for Nana, textures for Nana's Dress

Icy and Gothic textures for Pumpkin Avenue (V4)

Gothic and Frosted textures for Psyche Outfit (V4)

Fleur di Lis texture for Fable Outfit (M4)

Country and Blue Lace textures for Psyche Outfit (V4)

Textures for Toga by Evil Innocence (V4)

Summit Prop

Textures for the Belle of the Ball dress (V4)

Peacock Textures for Fable (M4)

Nana Characters

Hello Prop

Grass Plain prop

Gothik textures for Short Dress

Dragon Bowl

Crest Landform

Shell Textures for Psyche (v4)

Chocolate texture for Belle of the Ball (v4)

textures for Stylin' Undershirt (M4)

Blue Belle texture for Belle of the Ball (V4)

Textures for Short Dress

textures for Axe Swipe's Hat (M4)

Mountain Prop

V4 Textures

Spuggles Textures and Poses

Pu Textures

Pi-ta Poses and textures

Millennium Dragon 2

Infamous Textures

BBQ Grill Textures

Cherry Blossom Textures

Hamburger Object & Textures

Toon Baby/Blossom Textures

The Girl Textures

Frostbite Faeries


Eastern Dragon Textures

SubDragon Textures

Faerie Dragon Textures

Faerie Dragon Textures 2

Faerie Dragon Textures 3

Water and Land Objects

Amaari Textures

Fantasy Dragons Textures

Hiro Pirate Textures

Hiro Pirate Textures 2

Fantasy Dragons Textures 2

Fantasy Dragons Textures 3

Kai Outfit for A3 Textures

RDNA Surfboard Textures

Laura's Red Dress Textures

Pixie Play for Maddie/Matt Textures

New Years Props

Number Props

Land Props

Alphabet Props

Text Props

More Props

birdbath, fairy ring, log, rocks

V4 Outfits Textures

Large-Scale Textures

Hatchling Dragons

Charcoal Bag

Tooth Prop

More Props

horns, graves, hornblade, 3d objects, tax forms, cornucopia

Cave Tools, poser-ready

Gumdrops CaveSuit


Cane and icebag

Flower Fairy Textures

Textures for Sanbie's TC31

Pumpkin2013 props

Bat Wing props

VineWreath Prop

4 Seasons Stand


Thom Turkey Poses and Mats

Roasting Pan

Christmas Props


Porthole Set

Heart Hedge

Heart Throne

Chocolate Candy Cup and Kiss

Brunhilda Texture Mats (Dawn)

Tree Props

4 Egg Props

Fluffy Chick Prop

2 Easter Basket Props

Petal Flower Base

Box Wings for Any Figure

Scaly Mats for DAZ Dragon3

Holiday Dinner


Parade Float

Mardi Gras Props

Valentines Day Props

Season Stand

Vampire Kit

Halloween Mat for Season Stand

Tombstone Props

Tombstone Scene Prop

Ghostball Props

Candy Bowl Prop with Candy

Candy Bag Props

Mardi Gras and Valentines Mats for Season Stand

Coiled Hose

Fairy Stump

Igloo Props

Picnic basket and Accessories

Picnic Ground

Sand Dragon Mat for Dragon3

Sign Post

Snow Stump

Ivy Stump, Small and Large

Swimhole Prop











Christmas Advent 2014

2014 Mardi Gras Ball

2008 Advent Calendar-Christmas

My A2D 1st Anniversary

my textures for Sanbie's outfits -- you may need to join

(note: NOT my zips -- Sanbie's Texture Challenge Outfits)


I am currently learning how to create my own models to share with others.  Below you will see some pictures of my works in progress as  I learn.  When I do finish learning, I plan on offering freebies here, so please return often.  If you are knowledgeable about creating using DAZ, Hexagon, or Poser, and would like to offer suggestions or help, please email me.

My first outfit in Hexagon



My first fully functional object that I have created in Hexagon for DAZ and Poser:


My first outfit!

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 Do Not take any of the graphics.  I created the DAZ render that was used to make these graphics.   Credit is  given where credit is known.