The Age of Rebirth

The Great Devastation was not just one cataclysmic event, but a chain of little deceits.  The beginnings can be traced back to a series of treacherous acts, both Dragons against Humans, and Dragons against Dragons.  No one knows what was the spark that ignited all this villainous betrayal of morality, but one deceit led to another, revenge for the injuries caused by others.  Soon that spark exploded to outright war against common decency.  Finally, when Mother Nature decided to enter the arena,  no species or clan would work together to battle Her natural disaster heading towards Draconis.  But not even that comet can be blamed for the devastation of Draconian society.  We species were drowning in our self-centered, isolationist dung.  So it was only natural for this amoral society to react to the natural disaster with animalistic behavior.  The will to survive quickly overcame our selfishness, and soon we were plundering Dragons and Humans alike, stealing what we could, killing for what we needed.  Carnivores! Cannibals!  Many Dragons and Humans had died at the sword or talons of others-- just to put meat on the table.  Just too survive!

By luck or by crook, the clans and humans survived the Great Devastation, though greatly diminished in numbers, and--even worse -- greatly demoralized.  A tenuous truce settled upon the world.  Not much remains of our civilization.  The different Dragon Clans and humans are spread about Draconis like debris washed up by the flooding.  No one trusts the other -- not Dragons, not humans -- but we must work together to rebuild our society, to reclaim our civilization.  We are now in an Age of Restoration, a Rebirth.

--Dragon Lord, 2006


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