Hello, welcome to the new home for Dragon's Breath!

Many visitors have asked how I chose the name "Dragon's Breath".  My original site was a home for my poetry and stories that I like to write, and my stories and poems were protected by my favorite creature--the dragon.  The dragon stands for strength and wisdom--both are qualities that I admire in a person.  The poems and stories were written from the point of view that they were coming from a dragon--hence, the breath of a dragon.

The dragon wizards have merged all my sites together and transported them to this realm.  Here you will find my first site:  The Realm of the Dragon's Breath and my graphics gift site:  Dragon's Breath Treasures, along with other sites I have created.  During the Age of Migrations, The Dragon Lord has re-organized the pages and fixed links that have been broken by the passage of Time.  The dragons have also unearthed missing hidden scrolls so please visit the Office of the Scribe to hear more of the dragon whisperings of history.

As you travel the Realm of the Dragon's Breath, please be wary of the dragon guardians!  They are very tame and friendly to those travelers who have come to just enjoy the dragons' musings and spirit.  But be warned!  The dragons have worked very hard on these pages, so please respect their diligence and crafts by not removing anything--either words or graphics--without contacting The Dragon Lord first!  Some of the graphics do not belong to the Dragon Lord.  She has given credit where the original artist is known.  If you see one of your original works not properly credited, please email the Dragon Lord with proof and the proper credit will be given.  Some of the works were originally created by The Dragon Lord.  She believes that her work should be shared, but with permission!  So please do not fear.  Ask permission and in most cases The Dragon Lord will grant you permission (with a proper link back).  *S*

Enjoy the site, and may the dragon spirits guide you along your path!

Pam aka The Dragon Lord





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