Beary Valentine Tag

I claim the copyright to this tutorial.  You are free to do whatever you please with the tag you make, but please do not take my tutorial.  Do not send the tutorial through email.  Only share my link.

This tutorial was created for some friends of mine who wanted to begin learning more about PSP.  It is intended for beginners to learn how to work with tubes and basic flood filling.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

This tutorial uses tubes that I have made, but you may use any tube you want.  The bear tube is a tube that I made from a tutorial.  Click on the link to download the tube.  Download Tubes

You will also need a valentine font.  You can find some valentine fonts here.
When you unzip the font, unzip it into a folder.  Then right-click on the font and open it and minimize it. 

To do this tutorial you will also need Paint Shop Pro.  I used Paint Shop Pro 7.0 .  You may download a free trial at Jasc.

You will also need the Art Texture plugin from Ulead.  You may download that here.

Before we begin, you might want to study the PSP tool bars.  I have labeled the tools on another page.  Click on the link and it will open a new page.  You may want to keep this page open while you work on the tutorial, to refer to the names now and then.  PSP Tools

Remember to save as a psp file often!

Now that you have studied the tools, let's begin!

1.  Click New File in the top menu bar.  Enter these settings:  width=175, 
     Height=125, Resolution=72.000 pixels/inch, Background Color= 
     transparent, image type=16.7 Million Colors (24 Bits).  Click Ok.

2.  Change the Foreground color to #FFFF40 and the Background color to #AE3030.

3.  In the left tool menu bar, click on preset shapes.  Then in the Tool Options box, choose the heart shape.  I chose Heart#1.  CHECK anti-alias, CHECK create as a vector, line width = 10, and line style = single line.
4.  Left-click on the new image, and hold the left mouse button down as you draw out a heart.
5.  Now since this image is a vector you will see a box surrounding it with squares in different places. These squares are called handles.  Place the cursor over the center handle and it will turn into a move tool. Hold the left button down and move the heart into position where you want it.  I moved mine to the left so that the tube will fit on the right.

6.  There is a handle that is connected to the center, like a radius.  Place the cursor over that handle and you get some rotate cursors.  Hold the left mouse button down and rotate the heart by moving the cursor up and down.  Rotate it as much as you would like.  See my picture below.

7.  Right-click on Layer 2 (the heart layer) and click convert to raster layer.  In top menu bar, click File--Save As.  Set file type to paint shop pro (.psp or .tub).

8.  In the left tool menu, choose the magic wand. Click on the yellow edge of the heart.

9.  In the top menu bar, Click Effects--Plugin--Ulead--Art Texture.  Choose one of the gold settings and click ok.  (Click Edit--#5--ok--#6--ok)

10.  In the top menu bar, click Effects--blur--Gaussian blur.  Set radius to 1.00 and click apply.

11.  In the left tool bar, choose magic wand.  CLick on red part of the heart.

12.  In the left tool bar, choose the spray paint tool.  In the Tool Options box,  apply these settings:  shape = round, size = 250, hardness = 20, Opacity = 80, Step = 100, Density = 25.  SAVE

13.  Change the foreground color to WHITE.  Place cursor in center of heart and left-click once to spray some white.  KEEP heart selected.

14.  In the Tool Options box, change the opacity to 50.  Background color to #AE3030.  Place cursor over center of heart.  RIGHT-click 5 times to spray red.

15.  In top menu bar, click Effects--3D Effects--Inner Bevel.  Apply these settings:  Bevel = pie, width = 20, smoothness = 40, depth = 2, ambience = 0, shininess = 10, color = white, angle = 315, intensity = 50, and elevation = 27.  Deselect (Selections--none).  SAVE

16.  Open the VDbear tube.  In top menu bar, click Edit--copy.  Then click on the heart image.  In top menu bar, click Edit paste as new layer.  In top menu bar, click Image--Mirror.  Choose the mover tool from the left tool bar, and move the bear into position where you want it.  SAVE

17.  So you should have a blank layer 1 on bottom, layer 2 (heart) in middle, and layer 3 (bear) on top.  Check the Layer Palette to make sure this is the order.  Right-click on Layer 3 (bear) and choose duplicate layer.  Click on the copy of layer 3 in the Layer Palette to activate it.  In The top menu bar, click Effects--3D Effects--Drop Shadow and apply these settings:   V=2, H=-2, Opacity = 60, blur =25, and color = black.  Click Apply. 

18.  In the Layer Palette, click on the image of the glasses for Copy of Layer 3 to change it to a red x.  Change the glasses for Layer 1 into a red X.  In top menu bar, click Layers--Merge--Merge Visible.  Click on the middle Layer, now called Merge, to activate it. 
19.  With the Merge layer activated, choose the magic wand tool and click on the blank area.  This will select the transparent area on the outside of the bear-heart.
20.  Click on Copy of Layer 3 to activate it.  Click Delete button on keyboard.  The shadow on the outside of the bear-heart should have been deleted.  Now there is only shadow where the bear and the heart touch.  SAVE

21.  click on the arrow between the foreground box and the background box to switch the colors.

22.  In top menu bar, click Layer--add new raster layer. 

23.  In the left tool bar, choose the text tool.  Choose the font that you wish to use and the size that you wish to use.  Change the strokes to null, and the fill should be white.  Type the text you want to say.  I typed:  Be Mine.   CHECK floating.  CHECK anitalias.  Click ok.

24.  In the top menu bar, click Effects--Plugins--Ulead-Art Texture.  Choose the gold setting (Edit--#5--ok--#6--ok).

25.  In the top menu bar, click Effects--3D Effects--Inner Bevel.  Choose the Metallic preset at the top. If you don't have this preset, then set the numbers as they are in the picture. Click ok. 

26.  With Layer 1 still X out on Layer Palette, in top menu bar click Layer--merge --merge visible.  SAVE.

There you have your basic bear Tag.  Now you can make it a sig tag or welcome graphic, or whatever you would like.  I added my name on it and used the same bevel that I used for the heart in Step #15.  Remember to save this as a gif when you decide how you want to use it!  (Click File--Export--as a gif. click on Transparency Tab, and change color square to black.  Click save)

Layer 1 is still there.  If you want to change this into a valentine greeting card, then click on the Layer Palette to take the x off of Layer 1 and to activate Layer 1.   Flood-fill Layer 1 with any color you like.  Click Layers--Merge--Merge All (Flatten).  Add a border if you like, and whatever text you like.  Save this as a jpg.  Click File--Save As.  Change file type to .jpeg or .jpg and give the file a name.  Click Save.

Here's my Valentine's Day greeting:

If you have any questions about this tutorial or comments, 

please email me.


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