Before You Begin

Setting Up PSP

I wrote this tutorial on my own.  Any similarity to another tutorial is purely coincidental.  I claim the copyright to my tutorial. You are free to do whatever you please with what you make, but please do not take my tutorial.  Do not send the tutorial through email.  Only share my link.

This tutorial was created for some friends of mine who wanted to begin learning more about PSP.  It is intended for beginners to learn how to set up PSP before you get started.  If you have any questions, please feel free to Email  me.

To do this tutorial you will also need Paint Shop Pro.  I wrote this with  Paint Shop Pro 10, but the steps may also be done in any version.  You may download a free trial at Jasc.

Remember to save as a psp file often!

To save files so that they may be used in earlier PSP versions, and in Animation Shop.

1.  Open a new file.  It doesn't matter what size.

2.  Click File > Save As.

3.  Click on the options button (see arrow)

4.  Choose Uncompressed, and sset the version to PSP 7 compatible.

To use files that were saved outside the folders of PSP.

5.  Click on File > Preferences > File Locations

6.  In the left pane, click on Gradients (1).  Then in the Right pane, click on Add (2).  Browse to find the folder you saved the gradients in, and click on it, then add.  (Note:  you can browse to folders in previous PSP versions, and use their files)

Repeat these steps for Masks, Plugins, Patterns, Presets, Preset Shapes, and Picture Tubes.

It is best to save Masks, gradients, plugins, patterns, presets, preset shapes, and picture tubes, outside of the PSP folders.  In this way, those files will not be erased if your PSP crashes and you have to uninstall it.



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