Let's Make Blinkies

So you like blinkies!  They are fun to look at but because of their small size, they can also be tiresome to make.  Well, I hope that I have made it easier for you by providing some blinky templates.
Because each template requires a different way to make the blinky, the tutorials are on separate pages.  Just click on the blinky type that you would like to make to go to its tutorial.  *S* However, I suggest you start by trying Blinky Template 1.  That is the first blinky tutorial written, and hopefully has more detailed steps.

Template 1 is 126 X 48,

Template 2 is 126 X 48,

Template 3 is 126 X 48,

Template 4 is 126 X 48,

Making blinkies by Selection (Tutorial 5)
Makes these sizes:
468 X 60
100 X 100
250 X 250
261 X 66
50 X 50
150 X 20

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