Making Bows
from a template

I own the intellectual copyright for the written tutorial.  What you make is yours, but please do not take my tutorial.  Share only my link.

This tutorial is intended for beginners to learn how to create a bow from a template.  If you have any questions, please feel free to Email  me.

To do this tutorial you will also need Paint Shop Pro.  I wrote this with  Paint Shop Pro XI, but the steps may also be done in any version.  You may download a free trial at Corel.

Remember to save as a psp file often!

Download the Bow Template.

1.  Open the template in PSP.  SHIFT+D to duplicate.  Close the original.

2.  In the Layer Palette, click on the Fold Layer.

With the magic wand tool (tolerance = 0)  click on the black fold part.

3.  Selection > Modify > Expand Selection  Expand by 1 pixel.

4.  Flood-fill this selection with the color or pattern of your choice.

5.  Choose the Airbrush tool

In the Airbrush toolbar at top, set Shape = round, size = 10, hardness = 25, step = 1, density = 25, thickness = 100, opacity = 25, blend mode = normal, rate = 1

6.  Layer > new Layer.  Call it Shading.

7.  With foreground = black, air brush some black in places you want shadow.  Don't forget the loop.

8.  Adjust > Blur > Gaussian Blur, radius = 8

9.  I liked the smoothing of the shadow, but thought it was too light.  So I right-clicked on the shading layer, and chose Duplicate.  You may skip this step if you feel like it.

10.  Layer > new Raster Layer.  Call this layer Highlights

11.  With foreground = white, airbrush some highlights onto places where it should "shine"

12.  Adjust > Blur > Gaussian Blur, radius = 4

13.  Layer > New Raster Layer

14.  Effects > 3D Effects > Cutouts.  Vertical & Horizontal = 0, Opacity = 60, Blur = 30, shadow color = black.

14.  HIDE the other template Layer (ribbon) by clicking on the EYE. 

Right-click on the top layer and choose Merge > Merge Visible

15.  Click on the Ribbon template layer to highlight it.  Click on its eye to UNhide the layer.

With the magic wand, select the black ribbon part.

16.  Selection > Modify > Expand Selection, expand by 1 pixel.

Flood-fill the selection with the color or pattern of your choice.

17.  Now choose the airbrush tool and REPEAT Steps 6 - 14 on this ribbon to shade and highlight it.  Remember:  new layer for shading, then for highlights, then for cutouts.




18.  In the Layer Palette, HIDE the Fold layer (top) by clicking on the eye.  Then right-click on the cutout layer and choose Merge > Merge Visible.

So right now you should have 2 layers,  a fold, and a ribbon.

19.  Right-click on the Ribbon layer and choose Duplicate.

20.  Image > Mirror

21.  Right-click on the Fold Layer and choose Duplicate.

22.  Image > Mirror

23.  With the mover tool, move the duplicated layers so that they look like they are touching the other half.

24.  Right-click on one fold layer and choose Duplicate.

25.  Choose the Raster Deform tool.  It will put a deform box around the fold.  Pull in one of the corners (drag the top right corner towards the center), and this will shrink the fold a little.  Just make it slightly smaller.  Then with the center handle, drag the handle to rotate the fold a little downward, like in pic below.

26.  Right-click on the other Fold layer and choose Duplicate.

27.  Choose the Raster Deform Tool and Repeat Step 25 on this bow also.  You should get a bow that looks like below.

28.  Layers > New Raster Layer

29.  Use the rectangle or ellipse selection tool to draw a selection to make the knot.  Just make the selection big enough to cover the intersection (like in the pic below).

30.  Repeat Steps 6 - 14 to add some shadow and highlight to the knot.

NOTE:  instead of adding this new layer for the knot, you could use a pearl or other gem to be the knot on the bow.

31.  Selection > None

32.  Save this as a PSPimage file to use in later projects.

32.  Save this as a GIF or JPEG to share with the group:  File > Export > Jpeg Optimizer.






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