Butterfly Glow

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This tutorial is intended for beginners to learn how to create a butterfly glow.  If you have any questions, please feel free to Email  me.

To do this tutorial you will also need Paint Shop Pro.  I wrote this with  Paint Shop Pro X2, but the steps may also be done in any version.  You may download a free trial at Corel.

Remember to save as a psp file often!

Download the supplies.

1.  Open up the butterfly file in PSP.

2.  File > Export > Custom Brush

3.  Give it this name:  PaisleyButterfly2_DragonBreath

4.  Choose a dark color for your foreground, and a medium color for your background.  I chose black and red.

5.  Set the foreground to Gradient.  Find the Foreground-Background gradient (Corel_06_029).  Set to circular, 0 repeats, Invert checked, 50 for all the center & focal points.

6.  Open up a new, transparent image, size 400 x 400

7.  Flood-fill the image with your gradient.

8.  Choose the pen tool

9.  Set the pen tool to bezier curve, CHECK connect segments, CHECK create on vector, CHECK show nodes, set width = 3

10.  Set foreground to white, background = null

11.  Left click near top middle ONCE

12.  READ all first:  Left click a little below the first point, but hold the mouse button down when you click and drag the arrow out to the lower left.  This dragging will curve the line.  Curve it the way you like then release the mouse button.

13.  READ all:  Left-click once to a little left and above the first point, HOLDing the mouse button down and drag it up to the top right to curve the line.  When it is curved as you like, release the mouse button.

14.  Click the green check in top tool bar to apply.

15.  Right-click on the line layer and choose Convert to Raster Layer.

16.  Effects > Plugins > Eye Candy 4000 > Gradient Glow.  Apply these settings:  In the Color setting choose thin, and set color = white. 

In the Basic tab, width = 25.59, soft corners = 25, opacity = 80, CHECK draw only outside selection

(An alternate method for those who do not have EC4000 -- Adjust > Blur, set radius =  5)

17.  In the layer palette, set opacity = 71% or around there

18.  Choose the text tool

19.  I chose the Rockwell font, size = 48 pixels, stroke = 2, Create as vector  Set color = white

20.  Type the message on your tag.

21.  Right-click on the text layer and choose Convert to Raster Layer

22.  Effects > Plugins > EC 4000 > Gradient Glow.  Set Width = 10.53 or about

23.  Layers > New Raster Layer

24.    Choose Paint brush tool

25.  In the top tool bar, choose the brushtip =paisley butterfly, size = 90

26.  Foreground color = white.  Left-click once to put butterfly on layer anywhere you wish

27.  Layers > New Raster Layer.

28. Change brush size and place another butterfly.

To face the butterfly the opposite way:  Image > Mirror

29.  Layers > New Raster Layer.  Add a third butterfly, different size.

30.  Right-click on butterfly layer and choose Merge > Merge Down.  Do this one more time so that all 3 butterfly layers have been merged together.

31.  Adjust > Sharpness > Sharpen

32.  Effects > Plugins > EC 4000 > Gradient Glow.  Set width = 8, opacity = 70

33.  Layers > New Raster Layer

34.  Set the Brushtip back to circle, size 3 hardness = 25, opacity = 100

35.  Place some dots (to be stars) around the image.

36.  Effects > Plugins > EC 4000 > Gradient Glow.  Set width = 14.30

37.  In the Layer Palette, click on the bottom layer

38.  Layers > New Raster Layer

29.  Set brush to size = 300, hardness = 50

30.  Set foreground = purple or some complimentary color

31.  Left-click once on your image

32.  Choose another color and place it on your graphic

33.  Choose a third color and place it on your graphic.

34.  In the Layer Palette, change the Blend mode to Color

35.  Layers > Merge Visible

36.  Save as a JPEG.  File > Export > JPEG Optimizer






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