How to Make Dollmaker 
Dolls Transparent

We will assume that you have already learned to Drag and Drop a  doll in a dollmaker.  If not, please read the instructions at the dollmaker site that you like to use. 

Links to dollmakers have been removed because the links no longer worked.


1.  Once you have made your doll, you will need to "capture" it and bring it into PSP to remove the background.  So while your doll is placed on the dollmaker tray like in the image below, click on the Print Screen button located on your keyboard.  The Print Screen button copies the entire screen image to the buffer of your computer.  This is called capturing the screen.

2.  Open up your PSP and click, Edit--Paste--As New Image.  The captured screen image will now be in your PSP.  Mine is above.

3.  Now on the left tool bar, choose selections tool and use it to select your doll.  Select as close as possible, like the image below.  Click Edit--Copy.  Then click Edit--paste--as new image.  The doll will be a new image.  Minimize your doll.

4.  Now do the same thing for any extras that you chose (flowers, pets).  Select them and make them new images (like in step 3).  Minimize these images.  You may now close your screen capture.

5.  Now restore your doll image.  Click on it and open it up.  On the left tool bar select the magic wand tool, and use it to click on the white background of the image.  Marching ants should surround the white background on the outside of the doll.  click the delete button on your keybord or the scissors in the top menu bar.  Now the white background has disappeared.

6.  But if your doll and wings are as complicated as mine, you will still see some white background that has not disappeared yet, like in the crook of her arm!  I have circled some of these areas in the image below.
7.  We will look at our doll under the magnifying glass to see these white areas more clearly.  So, on the left tool bar, select the magnifying glass and click on your image 2 -4 times.  This will magnify your image each time. 
8.  Now go back to the left tool bar, and select the magic wand.  Click on a white area.  If you have more than one, hold the SHIFT button down on your keyboard, and left-click with the magic wand on the other white areas.  Always hold the SHiFT button down when you want to select more than one area.  *S* click on as much of the white area as you can.  Then press Delete.

9.  Now in the top menu bar, click on Layers--Add New Layer.  On the left tool bar select the Flood Fill tool  (paint can) and change your foreground color (left color box) to a bright color that is not part of your fairy.  I chose bright green.  In the Layer Palette, left-click on the color layer and drag the layer below your doll layer (below Layer 1)  so that your doll is on top.  This contrasting color will help you see if you have more white area you need to remove.  Continue to remove all the white area that you need to remove.

10.  When you think you are done removing all the white, select the magnifying glass from the left tool bar again and RIGHT-click on your doll until she returns to a 1:1 size ratio.  (A little math here!  1:1 means original size.  *S*)  Do you see any white agains that bright background of yours?  If so, left-click with the magnifying glass to magnify and delete those white spots.  If not, go on to the next step.

11.  Once the white background is gone, we are ready to save!  In the top tool bar, go to Selections--None.  In the Layer Palette, click on the color background layer which should now be layer 2 and on the bottom.  Click the trash can in the Layer Palette.  Now that layer has been deleted (Hint:  If you deletedthe wrong one, just press the undo button at the top!)

12.  Ok, Now we will save our doll as a .psp file, in case we want to use the doll again later in another graphic, or add our name or something to it.  *S*  Click File--Save As.  When the Save As box comes up, use the drop-down  arrow in the location bar to find the folder where you want to save.  Type the name of the file you want to save as, and in the file type bar, use the drop-down arrow to save it as a Paint Shop Pro file (.psp or.tub).

13.  If you want to use the doll as it is right now, then you must save it as a .gif file.  Change your background color to an appropriate color for making it transparent.  That is, if your dolls colors are dark, then change the background color to black.  If your doll's colors are light, then change the background color to a light shade of gray.  Then click File--Export--Gif Optimizer.  Click ok, and when the save box comes up, choose a location and a file name.  The file type, should already say compuserve file (.gif).

14.  Now if you also chose some accessories (flowers, pets, swords, whatever), you must repeat steps 5 -12.  Remember to save each accessory as a .psp file separately!  In case, you want to use them with another doll later.  *S*

15.  Now open a new file:  width=350, height=350, resolution=72,000, transparent, 16.7 Million colors 

17.  Click on your doll.  In the top tool bar click Edit--Copy.  Then click on your new image.  In the top tool bar click Edit-paste--as new layer.  You now have 2 layers in your Layer Palette.

18.  Now click on your first accessory.  In the top tool bar click Edit--Copy.  Then click on your new image.  In the top tool bar click Edit--paste--as new layer.  You now have 3 layers in your Layer Palette.

19.  Continue to add the rest of your accessories to your new image, each one as a NEW LAYER.

20.  In the Layer Palette, Drag the layers up and down, rearranging their order to get the accessories and doll layered properly.  I needed to move my mushrooms behind my doll.
21.  Then click on the mover tool in the left tool bar, and move the graphics into place.  I moved my mushrooms to the side of my doll, and my dragon on top of my mushrooms.

22. Now, I didn't like my doll looking away from my dragon, so I needed to turn her around.  In the Layer Palette, click on the doll's layer (which should be Layer 2).  In the top menu bar, click on Image--Mirror.  and the doll should face the opposite side.  *s*  Move everything into place.

23.  Once you are happy, with the placement, choose the selection tool from the left tool bar, and draw a rectangle around your picture.  In the top tool bar, click Image--Crop to selection.

24.  Now save this image as a tube.  Click  File--Save As.  In save box, choose location and file name.  In file type bar, choose Paint Shop Pro files (.psp or .tub).  Click save.

25.  Now save your doll as a transparent doll:  click File--Save As.  In the save box, choose location, and file name.  They file type should already be compuserve file (.gif).  Click save.

And there's your doll ready to place on your site, or use in making more graphics!


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