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I own the intellectual copyright for the written tutorial.  What you make is yours, but please do not take my tutorial.  Share only my link.

This tutorial was created for some friends of mine who wanted to begin learning more about DAZ Studio.  It is intended for beginners to learn how to save MATS in DAZ and for Poser users.  If you have any questions, please feel free to Email  me.

To do this tutorial you will also need DAZ StudioThis tut was written with DAZ version 1.8

You will also need a texture that you have made and ready to load in DAZ.  See this tutorial, if you need to make one.

1.  You need to download and install this file into DAZ:
Poser Mat Exporter Script  Note:  This script does not work in DAZ version 3.0

2.  Open DAZ.

3.  Load the item that you want to texturize, and add the texture to it.

4.  Click on the Scene tab, you can see everything that you have loaded.  You really only need the one item that you texturized  to be loaded.

5.  If you have more than that one item, you will need to hide everything but the one item.  To do this, you need to see the eyes.  Hover the mouse over the right border of the Scene box (see the pink X below).  It will become a double line with an arrow.  When that happens, left-click and drag the border to the right until you can see the eyes.

6.  Now Hide all the items but the one you are making a MAT for.  You hide them by clicking on the eyes (yes, this is how you make body parts invisible!).  Ok, so I hid everything but the hat.

This is what I see in the preview window.

7.  Click on the item that you are making the MAT for, so that it will be highlighted.

8.  It will put a selection box around the item.

9.  Click on the Materials tab.

10.  In the Surfaces palette, click on the item that you texturized.  Click on the group name (I clicked on LW_Hat) to select all the parts/bones of that item.

11.  File > Save As > Materials Preset

12.  Browse to a folder that you created in DAZ Studio > Content folder.  (Very important! if you save these files in any other folder but there, the paths will be wrong.)  I called mine MyPosers.  Inside that folder, I created a folder to save all of the MATS for the item I am texturizing.  Open that folder.  Then give your MAT a name.  I just called mine Hat.

Note:  In the Save as type window, change the file type to say DAZ Script Plain Text (.ds)

13.  The Materials Preset Options box will be open.  Choose Record All.  accept.

And that's all there is for saving DAZ MATS!

14.  But we would like to share our MAT with Poser users.  This is where that Poser MAT Exporter Script comes in.  Leave the selections around your item.  Click on the Pose tab.  In the Content Palette browse to the Scripts > Utilities folder.  This is usually found in the Studio menu. (depends on your interface layout)  In that folder, you will see the Poser MATS utility.  Double-click on that.

15.  The Export Options come up.  Check off the versions you want formats for.  Click Accept.

Note:  be sure the Check is in the "Clean up file paths" box, or your paths will point to files on your computer only.

16.  Browse to a DIFFERENT folder.  I usually create the folder on my desktop to hold all the Poser files until I'm ready to package them for sharing.  Give the file the same name you gave it in DAZ.

17.  Repeat these steps for EACH item that you changed textures for.

Now you are ready to package the files for sharing. 



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