I have enjoyed learning how to use various graphics programs -- Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, and now DAZ Studio.  On this page, I hope to share with you my joy of making graphics with these tutorials that I have written.

My usage terms are simple:
While I own the intellectual copyright to what I have written,  the graphic that you create using my tutorials are your own creations.  Put your watermark on them.  You do not have to link back to my site.  However, I hope that you do share my tutorial links with others so that they  may also learn too.   Again, the graphic you create is yours; my tutorial is not. (Do not copy it onto another website.  Do not script it.  Make your own tutorial.)

If you own a DAZ group and would like to use my tutorials, please do!  That is why I create them.  All I ask is that you send my link, not my page!

If you like what you see in the tutorials, and want me to write more, please vote for my site at Loyal Friends & Support Topsite contest, or sign my guestbook and let me know.

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DAZ Studio Tutorials

Where to start?

Take hatchling lessons in DAZ4 at:

These are tutorials written for DAZ2 & 3, but still may be helpful (DAZ4 tuts are at the forum):

Dressing Up Aiko (DAZ)  or Dressing up V4 (DAZ)

Personalizing Characters (DAZ)

Adding Backgrounds (DAZ)

Experimenting with Lights (DAZ) 

Lights and Shadows (DAZ)

Creating and Sharing MATS (DAZ)

Packaging Files to Share (DAZ)

Postwork Tuts (PSP)


 Adding Backgrounds (DAZ)

Body Tattoos (DAZ)

Color Changes in DAZ (DAZ)

Creating a Character Texture (PSP or Photoshop)

Creating and Sharing MATS ( Creating a Pose (DAZ)

Creating Texture MATS (DAZ)

Dressing Up Aiko (DAZ)

Dressing up V4 (DAZ)

Experimenting with Lights (DAZ) 

Finding DAZ Templates (DAZ)

Font to Mesh Converter (DAZ)


Lights and Shadows (DAZ)

Loading Textures (DAZ)

Making Tubes (DAZ & PSP/PS)

Merging Two Saved Scenes (DAZ)

Packaging Files to Share (DAZ)

Personalizing Characters (DAZ)

Polishing up Problems (DAZ)

Postwork Tuts (PSP)

Postwork: Underwater Lights

Reflections (DAZ)

Render & Save for other programs (DAZ)

Rotation Tool--bending and posing (DAZ)

Saving a Pose (DAZ)

 Saving Scenes (DAZ)

Selecting Hidden Items (DAZ)

Sharing MATS (DAZ)

Texturizing Inside DAZ

Thumbs Up Pose (DAZ)

 Transparent Clothing (DAZ)

 WaterLights (DAZ/Animation Shop)

Translate Tool--moving objects (DAZ)

Wink Animation (DAZ/PSP or PS)

Wink Movie (DAZ/PSP or PS)

Using PSP or Photoshop to finish up your project:

Changing Colors (PSP)

Cloning to fix rips (PSP)

 Doll Hair (PSP)

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Bryce Tutorials

Creating Backgrounds in Bryce

Saving in Bryce

Using Bryce Objects in DAZ


Here is my first poser model created with DAZ Studio:


Please check back.  There are more to come!  




  Dragon's Breath (aka The Dragon Lord), 2001-2007. This background set was created  exclusively for Dragons' Breath  and belongs to The Dragon Lord.  Do Not take any of   the graphics.  I make no claim to the artwork used in the webset.  Credit is given where credit is known.