Diamond Gembar Background

I claim the copyright to this tutorial.  You are free to do whatever you please with what you make, but please do not take my tutorial.  Do not send the tutorial through email.  Only share my link.

This tutorial was created for some friends of mine who wanted to begin learning more about PSP.  It is intended for intermediates to learn how to use a plugin to make the backgrounds for a 2 layer webset.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

To do this tutorial you will also need Paint Shop Pro.  I used Paint Shop Pro 8, but the steps used may also be done in Version 7.04.  You may download a free trial at Jasc.

I also used

Remember to save as a psp file often!

Before we begin, you might want to study the PSP tool bars.  I have labeled the tools on another page.  Click on the link and it will open a new page.  You may want to keep this page open while you work on the tutorial, to refer to the names now and then.  PSP Tools

Now that you have studied the tools, let's begin!

1.  Open a 400 x 400 new, transparent image.

2.  Flood-fill the image with your favorite gradient color

3.  In top menu, click Adjust > Blur > Gaussian Blur.  Apply Radius = 30.00

4.  In top menu, click Effects > Plugins > Kang 4 filter > gemBars2  Apply these settings:  xfreq & yfreq = 156, thickness = 223, toner = 255, lighter = 138.

5.  Choose the selection tool.  Set it to square.  Draw out a square selection on the image.  See below.

6.  In top menu click Image > crop to selection

7.  Your tile should look like this:

8.  Choose the magic wand tool.  Tolerance = 0 - 20 (depends on your gradient).  And select the inside of each square.

9.  In top menu, choose Effects > Plugins > Flaming Pear > SuperbladePro.  Apply the M_coconutice Preset.  Deselect ( Selections > None)

10.  In top menu, click Effects > Plugins > Simple > Diamonds

11.  This is what your tile looks like now.

12.  In top menu, click Image > Resize.  Resize 50%.  Be sure Resize All Layers is checked.

  13.  Save the background image as a jpeg.

Here's another one made with a different gradient:


I made the top layer background from a color in the gradient.

Flood-fill a 100 x 100 transparent image with with a color from the gradient that you used.

Apply any texture you want (Effects > Texture > Texture)

Apply Seamless tiling (Effects > Image Effects > Seamless Tiling). 

Save this as background2.jpg


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