Editing Animations
Adding Text

This tutorial will teach you how to add text to files that are already animations, without the text bouncing.  Tubes can be added in the same way.  This tutorial assumes that you do not want to increase the size of the animation.

You will need 

  • an animated gif graphic
  • Animation Shop
  • Paint Shop Pro 7 or 8

1.  Open Paint Shop Pro.

2.  Open a new image in paint shop pro, roughly the size that you need to put the text in on the animated graphic.  Just estimate now.  It's ok if you're too large.  You can always resize later.

3.  In this new image, Type in the text in the font of your choice, color of your choice, and apply any effects you would like to.

4.  In the top menu, click Edit > Copy.

5.  Open Animation Shop.

6.  In the top menu of Animation shop, click Edit > Paste > as new animation

7.  Open up the animated gif file that you want to add this text to

8.  Move the slide bar (white arrow) all the way to the right on the animated gif, so that you can see how many frames the gif has.  I have circled mine in red:  F2, meaning 2 frames.

9.  Now is a good time to resize your text if you need to.  If so, click on your text image again to activate the image.  Then in top menu, click Animation > Resize and choose appropriate percentage to resize.

10.  Click on the text image to activate it again.  The title bar should be blue.

11.  In top menu click Edit > Duplicate Selected.  Now you will have 2 frames.

12.  If you need more than 2 frames, click on the last frame, and then repeate step 11.  Repeate step 11 until you have the same number of frames in your text as you do in your animated gif.

13.  In top menu, click Edit > Select All

14.  In top menu, click Edit > Copy

15.  Now click on the animated gif graphic to activate it (title bar should be blue).

16.  In top menu, click Edit > Select All

17.  In top menu, click Edit > Paste > Into selection.  When you do this, the words will appear in the first frame, and you drag them into position. 

Once into position, click and the words will appear in that position in ALL frames.

18.  Adjust Frame properties as necessary and save!



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