Feedback Slice Frame

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This tutorial is intended for beginners to learn how to create a frame.  If you have any questions, please feel free to Email  me.

To do this tutorial you will also need Paint Shop Pro.  I wrote this with  Paint Shop Pro X2, but the steps may also be done in any version.  You may download a free trial at Corel.

Remember to save as a psp file often!

Download and install the Scribe filters


 1.  Open a new, transparent image, size 600 x 500 pixels

2.  Flood-fill this image with the color choice for your frame.

3.  Effects > 3D Effects > Inner Bevel.  Apply these settings:  Bevel = pie, width = 11, smoothness = 70, depth = 5, ambience = - 39 (negative), shininess = 50, color = WHITE, angle = 315, intensity = 50, elevation = 35.

4.  Effects > Reflection Effects > Feedback.  Apply these settings:  Opacity = 100, intensity = 100, horizontal & vertical = 0

5.  Choose the rectangle selection tool.  Draw a rectangle selection around the 3rd layer of rectangles.

6.  Flood-fill the selection with your gold gradient.

7.  Selection > Modify > Contract Selection by 3 pixels

8.  Flood-fill this selection with the same color used for the frame

9.  Selection > Modify > Contract Selections by 10 pixels

10.  Press the Delete key to delete what's inside the selection.

11.  In the Layer Palette, right-click on the layer and choose Duplicate

12.  In the Layer Palette, click on the bottom layer.

13.  With the magic wand, select the middle of the frame (the empty part, and flood-fill with your gold gradient.

14.  Selection > Modify > Contract by 3 pixels

15.  Press the Delete key to delete the center

16.  Selections > None

17.  In the Layer Palette, click on the top layer.

18.  Effects > Plugins > scribe > 4way mirror.  Apply the settings:  128, 128

19.  With the magic wand, choose the plane color in the frame.  Hold the sHIFT key down to select more than one section

20.  Press the DELETE key.  Now you can see the frame below.

21.  Selection > Select None

22. Right-click on the top layer and choose Merge > Merge Down.

22.  Selections > Select  All

23.  Selections > Modify > Contract selections by 3

24.  Selections > Invert

25.  Flood-fill the selection with your gold gradient.

26.  Save this frame as a PNG format to use later.  File > Save As


To insert a picture into the frame:

1.  With the magic wand click inside the center of the frame

2.  Selection > Modify > Expand selection by 3 pixels

3.  Open the photo you wish to use.  Edit > Copy

4.  click back on the frame.  Edit > Paste as New Layer

5.  Slide this layer below the frame. 

6.  Save this as a JPEG.  File > Export > JPEG Optimizer




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