Creating a Glass Tank

I wrote this tutorial on my own.  Any similarity to another tutorial is purely coincidental.  I claim the copyright to my tutorial. You are free to do whatever you please with what you make, but please do not take my tutorial.  Do not send the tutorial through email.  Only share my link.

This tutorial was created for some friends of mine who wanted to begin learning more about PSP.  It is intended for beginners to learn how to create a glass tank.  If you have any questions, please feel free to Email  me.

To do this tutorial you will also need Paint Shop Pro.  I wrote this with  Paint Shop Pro XI, but the steps may also be done in any version.  You may download a free trial at Corel.

Remember to save as a psp file often!

Download the supplies.

1.  Open up the tank outline.  SHIFT +D for duplicate.  Close the original.

2.  With the magic wand, click on the outside of the fish tank to select the blank space.

3.  Selections > Invert  Now the fish tank is selected.

4.  Layers > new Raster Layer  Drag this layer to the bottom.

5.  Flood-fill this layer with a dark blue color

6.  Slide the opacity of this layer to 10

7.  Layer > new Raster Layer

8.  Effects > 3D Effects > Cutout   Apply these settings:  Vertical = - 8, Horizontal = 2, Opacity = 75, Blur = 35, Shadow Color = a dark version of your glass color

9.  Click on the Outline layer in the Layer Palette.

10.  With the magic wand, select the rim of the fish tank.

11.  Layers New Raster Layer.  Drag this layer below the outline layer.

12.  Effects > 3D Effects > Cutout.  Set Vertical = - 4, Horizontal = 2, Opacity = 75, blur = 10

13.  Layers > new Raster Layer.

14.  Choose the airbrush tool, set to these settings:  size = 3, hardness = 15, step = 10, density = 50, thickness = 100, rotation = 0, opacity = 20.  Set foreground = white

15.  Draw a white line along the center of the rim of the fish tank.

16.  Adjust > Blur > Gaussian Blur.  Radius = 5 - 7.

17.  Layers > Merge > Merge Visible

18.  Save this as a tube, psp file:  File > Save As

19.  To make your fish tank, SHIFT +D to duplicate your merged tank, close the original.

20.  Open your fish that you made, and Edit > Copy.  Click back on the tank image.  Edit > Paste as New Layer.

21.  Drag the fish layer below the tank layer.

22.  Add any other decorative fish tank supplies.

23.  Layers > merge > merge Visible.

24.  Save this as a GIF:  File > Export > GIF Optimizer



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