Downloading and Installing Plugins

A plugin is a filter program that helps PSP create a special effect.  There are many freeware plugins for you to use.  Many were created for other graphic program, but can be converted to use in PSP. 

First you should download Plugin Commander. This is a stand-alone program (separte from PSP) that allows you to organize and convert filters for use with PSP. It will convert them to th eproper extension (.8BF) so that PSP can use it.  You can download Plugin Commander here.

1.  Scroll down and click on the link "Download the free Light Edition"

2.  When the zip file finishes downloading, create a folder to unzip the program into.  Unzip the program into that folder. 

3.  Open folder and find the execute Icon, and right-click on it.  Choose create shortcut.  When the shortcut appears in the folder, drag the shortcut icon onto your desktop. 

You may also need the file.  They are located on the same page as the Plugin Commander download.

1.  Download this, and unzip into the same folder.
2.  Then open the folder and copy all the .dll files into your Windows/Systems folder.
3.  Restart your computer.

Now I will walk you through how to install a plugin.  You must have a plugin to use. 

A common plugin is the Simple Filter.  But other filters are listed at the bottom of this page. 

1.  Once you download your plugin zip file, unzip it into  the same folder that you saved your Plugin Commander files.

2.  Make sure that Paint Shop Pro is closed.  Close the program before installing any plugins.

3.  Open up your Plugin Commander.  You will get a two-sided box.

4.  On the left side, find the folder where you unzipped your plugin to, and open up that folder.  you will see a list of plugins (only the ones you have downloaded *S*)

5.  Scroll down until you find the plugin you want to convert.  We want to convert Art Texture, so find  the file A Texture.8ba file.  Mine unzipped into a folder inside the folder.  Find that file and click on it to highlight it.
6.  At the bottom, click on covert button.  A choice box comes up.

7.  Set to Photoshop FF Plugin.  Then click convert.

8.  A Select Folder box comes up.  Choose the path to your PSP plugin folder.  Usually, it is this--    C:\Program Files\Jasc Software Inc\Paint Shop Pro 7\Plugins\
Click ok.
9.  And the conversion happens.  Then you should see the converted plugin on the right side.  *S* 

Note:  it is important that the converted plugin is placed in your PSP plugin folder.  If you can't call it up in PSP then perhaps you need to copy and paste the converted file into this folder.

That's it!  When you open PSP, the plugin will be loaded.  To find it you would click on Effects--Plugin Filters-- and then scroll through the list.  Art Texture plugin will be located in the Ulead choice.

*Note:  Please realize that storing too many plugins into your PSP plugin folder can result in PSP loading and working slowly or even crashing.  So you may want to store your converted programs into a different folder, and then move them into your plugin folder when you use them.

Here is a tutorial that use the Art Texture Plugin, that I thought you would enjoy.  *S*

Gold Filigree Background  (my tutorial)

Here are some other Plugins that you would find helpful in your PSP addiction!  These will take you off my site!

Ulead Art Texture plugin
Click on the link to go to a download page.  Then you must click on the link "Ulead Art Texture Plugin" to download the zip file.  You must fill out a registration form, but it is a free download.

Texturizer Plugin

Fantastic Machines Plugins

Harry's Filters
scroll down to the bottom

Simple Filter


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