Using Super Blade Pro

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This tutorial is intended for a beginner to learn about filling selections.  If you have any questions, please feel free to Email me.

This tutorial is written for both Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop Users.

You need Flaming Pear's Super Blade Pro plugin.

Remember to save as a .psd file often!

First you must have some presets to use in Super Blade Pro. 

1.  Create a folder somewhere to store these presets for Super Blade Pro that you will collect.

2.  Click on the link below and download the zip file for the Coconut Ice Preset.

M_coconutice.q5q preset

3.  Unzip the preset into your folder that you created for SBP presets.

4.  Open a new file.  Set the width to 500 pixels and the height to 150 pixels.

5.  Choose your text tool.  Set your color to any color of your choice.

In Paint Shop Pro, set the foreground and background colors to the same color of your choice.

In Photoshop, set the foreground color to the color of your choice.

6.  In Paint Shop Pro, choose the rectangle selection tool and draw a rectangle around your name.  Then left-click once somewhere inside the rectangle, and the selection ants surround your name.

Photoshop creates the text on a new layer, so you need not worry about making a selection.

7.  Now open up the Super Blade Pro Filter.

In Paint Shop Pro, click Effects > Plugins > Flaming Pro > Super Blade Pro

In Photoshop, click Filter > Super Blade Pro  (or whatever folder you made for SBP) > Super Blade Pro  

8.  Blade Pro opens with the screen below.  You must tell it where you have stored your SBP presets.  So click on the first CD disk, the one that has an arrow pointing to the right.  I've drawn a blue arrow pointing to that one.

9.  In the open box, find the folder where you stored your presets.  Then click on M_coconutice.q5q to select it.  Then click Open.

10.  Now the preset should show under the preview screen.

11.  Click Ok and the preset is applied.


The color that you choose in the beginning before applying the preset can affect the outcome after the preset is applied.

Below are two samples using the M_Coconutice.q5q preset.  The first one started off with a blue gradient font and the second with a blue color font.



Below are two samples using the DPerfectGold.q5q preset.  The first one started off with a blue color font (same as the blue in the 2nd image above), and the second with a white color font.



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