Lacy Screen

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This tutorial is intended for beginners to learn how to create a Lacy Screen.  If you have any questions, please feel free to Email  me.

To do this tutorial you will also need Paint Shop Pro.  I wrote this with  Paint Shop Pro X2, but the steps may also be done in any version.  You may download a free trial at Corel.

Remember to save as a psp file often!

Download Supplies.

1.  Open a new, transparent image, size 600 x 500.

2.  Choose the rectangle marquee tool.

3.  Draw a rectangle in the center of the image.  Its width should be about 1/3 of the width and it's height about half.

4.  Flood-fill this selection with a color or gradient of your choice (you will be making a frame).

5.  Selection > Modify > Contract Selection.  Contract by 15 pixels.

6.  Press the delete button on your keyboard.  Selection > None

7.  Effects > 3D Effects > Inner Bevel.  Apply these settings:  Bevel:  triangle, width = 1, smoothness = 0, depth = 20, ambience = 1, shininess = 0, color = white, angle = 315, intensity = 50, elevation = 30

8.  With the magic wand, select the middle of the frame.

9.  Selection > Modify > Expand selection.  Expand by 2 pixels.

10.  Flood-fill the selection with white.

11.  Open the grid from the supply folder and minimize.  In the material Properties Palette, set the pattern to the grid that was provided in the supply folder.  Set angle = 0, scale = 50

12.  Layers > New Raster Layer 

13.  Flood-fill the selection on the new layer with the grid.  (caution white layer should be showing on yours, it's not on mine)

You can change the grid to match the color of your frame.  Adjust > Hue and Saturation > Colorize

14.  Effects > 3D Effects > Drop Shadow.  Vertical & Horizontal = 1, Opacity = 45, Blur = 1, Color = a dark version of the color of your grid.

15. Right-click on layer in Layer palette and choose Merge > Merge Visible.

16.  Right-click on merged layer and choose Duplicate.

17.  Slide the duplicate over the left side of the frame so that they are touching.  Then choose the Raster Deformation tool.  Hold the CTRL key down and pull the outward corners up/down (see black arrows).  This will give the look of perspective that the left side of the screen is opened.

18.  Right-click on the top layer and choose Duplicate.

19.  Image > Mirror

20.  Adjust the placement of the right screen with the mover tool.

21.  Right-click on the top layer and choose Merge > Merge Visible.

22.  Open the HeartSwirlybar  image.

23.  File > Export > Custom Brush.  Give it the same name as the file.

24.  Choose the paint brush tool.  In the Brushtip drop-down menu, find the Heart Scroll bar brush.

25.  Layers > new Raster Layer

26.  Be sure the foreground color is the same color as your frame color.  Left-click once, with the brush tip on the far left edge.

27.  In the layer Palette, right-click on the brush layer and choose Duplicate

28.  Image > Mirror

29.  There is another brush in the supply folder.  Add it if you like.

30.  Layers > merge > Merge Visible.

31.  Embellish or decorate the screen with tubes.

32.  Save this as a GIF.  File > Export > GIF Optimizer






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