I have enjoyed learning how to use various graphics programs -- Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, and now DAZ Studio.  On this page, I hope to share with you my joy of making graphics with these tutorials that I have written.

My usage terms are simple:
While I own the intellectual copyright to what I have written,  the graphic that you create using my tutorials are your own creations.  Put your watermark on them.  You do not have to link back to my site.  However, I hope that you do share my tutorial links with others so that they  may also learn too.  Again, the graphic you create is yours; my tutorial is not. (Do not copy it onto another website.  Do not script it.  Make your own tutorial.)

If you own a PSP group and would like to use my tutorials, please do!  That is why I create them.  All I ask is that you send my link, not my page!


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Basic PSP Tutorials
Adding Text to Animations (BASICS)

Before You Begin -- Setting Up PSP (BASICS)

Changing Colors (BASICS)

 Color Palette (BASICS)

 Compatibility (BASICS)

Creating or Editing Gradients (BASICS)

Installing New Fonts (BASICS)

 Patterned Text (BASICS)

 Removing White Backgrounds (BASICS)

Saving Transparent GIFs in AS (BASICS)

 Super Blade Pro Plugin (BASICS)

 View the Rulers (BASICS)

 Working with Vector Text (BASICS)

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PSP X6 Tutorials

New Boughs Tag




PSP X4 Tutorials

X4 Interface

Be Thankful

Beveled Grid Tag

Bunny in Egg

Chinese Lanterns

Cloudy Lambs

Ghosting Tubes

Glass Pumpkins

Peekaboo Tag

Peekaboo Tag Without Plugins

Roasted Name Tag

Scrap Turkey2

Squares Tag

Underwater Lights

Using Overlays

Vanish Animation

Year of the Dragon



PSP X3 Tutorials

Setting the X3 Layout Interface

Blog Button

Bokeh Name

Buttons and Fray Frame

Distorted Weave

Embroidery Square

 Frame Stack


Layered Strip Tag

Montage Frames

Pixelated Blend

Puffy Leaf Frame

Rain (Without Plugins)

Scrappy Lamb

Scrap Turkey

Shadow Box


PSP X2 Tutorials

Autumn Frames Tag (Beginner)

Balloon Fill Tag (Beginner)

Beveled Frame (Beginner)

Bloody Scratch (Beginner)

Bottle Caps (Beginner)

Butterfly Frame (Beginner)

Butterfly Glow (Beginner)

Celebration Tag (Beginner)

Champagne Time! (Beginner)

Circle of Love (Beginner)

Coloring Outlines (Beginner)

 Cosmos Tag (Beginner)

Creating Alpha  Channels (Beginner)

Curled Overlay (Beginner)

Diamond Blinds Frame (Beginner)

Diamond Frame (Beginner)

Diamond Offset Background (Beginner)

Door Tag (Beginner)

 Dotted Tag (Intermediate)

Dotted Frames (Beginner)

Draped Glitter tag (Beginner)

Egg Shape (Beginner)

Electric Cloud Overlay (Beginner)

Electric Orb (Beginner/Animation)

Encircle Wreath (Beginner)

Eye of Xero Tag (Beginner)

Fairy Blend (Beginner)

Feedback Slice Frame (Beginner)

Fiber Mask Background (Beginner)

Flatline Tag (Beginner)

Fractal Brush (Beginner)

Gifts (Beginner)

Gingerbread Men by selections (Beginner)

Heart Bow (Beginner)

Heart Mayra Tag (Beginner)

Heart Shower Tag (Beginner)

Herald Tag (Beginner)

Holly Leaf Shape (Beginner)

Lace Circles (Beginner)

Lace Copies (Beginner)

Lace Lines (Beginner)

 Lacy Screen (Beginner)

Lacy Tile (Beginner)

Love Bugs (Beginner)

Mage Night (Beginner)

Make Script (Beginner)

My Heart Scrap Frame (Beginner)

Oval Blur Tag (Beginner)

Patterned Text (BASICS)

Rain Rain Tag (Beginner)

Retro Frame (Beginner)

RibbonFly -- AV Bros Page Curl (Intermediate)

RibbonFly --Vizros (Intermediate)
translated to Italian

Scrappy Weave Tag (Beginner)

Scripting Mums (Beginner)

Shapes--Creating a Shape with Pen Tool 1 (Beginner)

Shapes--Creating a Shape with Pen Tool 2 (Beginner)

Simple Drip Frame (Beginner)

Sliced Tile Tag (Beginner)

Snowman by Alpha Channels (Beginner)

Sparkly Tag (Beginner)

Supernova (Beginner)

Text on a Ribbon (Beginner)

Tree Ornament (Beginner)

Twinkling (Beginner/Animation)

Use Script--Ripple Ribbon Frame (Beginner)

Wall of Cylinders (Beginner)

Wanted Tag (Beginner)

 Web Lace Frame (Beginner)

Web Text Tag (Beginner)

Winter Trees (Beginner)

Yule Log (Beginner)

PSP XI Tutorials

Accountant Tag (Beginner)

Bows -- A Template (Intermediate)

Clocks Tag (Beginner)

Constellations (Beginner)

Corner Orbs Tag (Beginner)

Correction:  Redeye Removal

Doll Hair (Beginner)

Falling Snow--with template (Beginner Animation)

 Falling Snow -- without template (Beginner Animation)

 Floral Lace Frame (Beginner)

Fur Brush (Beginner)

 Fuzzy Frit Frame (Beginner)

Half Wrap Weave Tag (Beginner)

Halloween Moon (Beginner)

Harvest Corn (Beginner shading)

Heart Blur Tag (Beginner)

Heart Scroll Frame (Beginner)

 Hide Tag (Beginner)

Jack-O-Rama Tag (Beginner)

Lattice Tag (Beginner)

Let It Snow Tag (Beginner Animation)

Letter Cube Tag

Luminance Copies (Beginner)

 Marquee Blinky (Beginner Animation)

Pumpkin Vase Bouquet (Beginner)

 Radial Brushstroke Background (Beginner)

Ripple Reflect Tag (Beginner Animation)

Scallop Bars Stat (Beginner)

Scrapbook:  12 x 12 stripes

Scrapbook: Scalloped QuickPage

Shamrock Plaid (Beginner)

Silhouettes (Beginner)

Simply Plaid (Beginner)

Skating Animation (Beginner)

 Snowflakes N Bows Tag (Beginner)

Sparking Fireworks (Beginner)

Turkey Dinner (Beginner Vectors)

Weave Blend (Beginner)

Zany Coal Background (Beginner)

Zany Frog Tag (Beginner)



PSP X Tutorials

 Blinkies by Selection Alphas (Beginner Animation)

Breathe (Beginner Animation)

Cobweb Fairy Tag (Beginner)
translated into Dutch

Coloring an Outline 

Corners Tag (Beginner)

Crime Scene Tag (Beginner)

Crying Tag (Beginner Animation)

 Diamond Bars Tag (Beginner)

Dots Tag (Beginner)

Fireworks Tag (Animation)

Fish Tank (Beginner)

 Glass Heart Tag (Beginner)

  Glitter Poinsettia (Beginner)

  Glitter Tree (Beginner)

 Glow Lantern Tag (Beginner)

  Lace Border Stat or Webpage Background (Beginner)

 Lacy Silhouette Tag (Beginner)

Lava Heart Background (Beginner)

Leaf  (Beginner shading)

 Lights Up Tag (Animation)

 Linear Transmission Tag (Beginner)

 Magnifying Glass (Beginner shapes)

Numbers Crunch Background (Beginner)

Peacock Feather (Beginner)

 Pom Pom Christmas Bear (Beginner)

 Pom Pom Wreath or Tree (Beginner)

 Pouring Champagne (Beginner)

Racing Number Tag (Beginner)

Radial Flood Tag (Intermediate)

Speed Tag (Beginner/Animation)

Strip Blur Tag (Beginner)

 Snowflake Tag (Intermediate)

 Teardrop Wreath (Beginner)

Thinking of You Tag (Beginner)

Transmission Weave Tag (Beginner)

Tree (Beginner Shading)

Triangle Tag (Beginner/CS 2)

Victory Motion Tag (Beginner)

Video Clips (Beginner/Animation)

Willow Tree (Beginner Drawing)

 Wire Frame Wreath (Beginner)

 X Copies Tag (Beginner)

Xtra Sight Tag (Beginner)


PSP 9 Tutorials


Amore Tag (Beginner)

Arch Tutorial (Beginner)

Arch Frame Tag (Beginner)

 Blind Overlap Tag (Intermediate)

Blocky Checks Tag (Beginner)

 Box Lines Tag (Beginner)

Broken Oval Frame (Beginner)

Butterfly Text (Intermediate)

Camouflage Tag (Beginner)

Chasing Lights Tag--Animated (Beginner)

Christmas Light Bulb (Beginner)

Christmas Bulb--Animated (Beginner)

Christmas Bulb String--Animated (Beginner)

Crossbars Tag (Beginner)

 Dot Matrix Tag (Beginner)

Fantasma Tag (Beginner)

Feedback Fairy Tag (Beginner)

Flood Waves Tag (Beginner)
translated into Dutch

Gold Mesh Tag (Beginner)

Green Eyes Tags--Animated (Beginner)

 Heart Frame Tag (Beginner)

Hug Me Tag (Intermediate)

Italian Grid Tag (Beginner)

Italian Grid Webset or Stationary Side Border (Beginner)

Jester Mask Tag (Beginner)

Merry Christmas Bulb Tag-- Animated (Beginner)

Neon Sign--Animated (Beginner)

Ommadawn Blur Tag (Intermediate)
translated into

Overlap Tag (Beginner)

Prism Frame Tag (Beginner)

Rose Blind Tag (Beginner)
translated into

Sierpinski Frame 2 Tag (Beginner)

 Silky Flex Background (Beginner)

 Solid Radiance Tag (Beginner)

Stocking Name Tag (Beginner)

 Text Path Tag (Beginner)

Watercolor Blur Tag (Beginner)

Watercolor Blur Webset or Stat (Beginner)

Witch Trail Tag (Beginner)


PSP 8 Tutorials


Add to or Edit Animation

Angel Ring Sig Tag

Ball Baskets
translated into Dutch

Bird Cage Tag

Brush Basics:  Making a Brush

Brush Basics:  Using a Brush

Brush Basics:  Colorizing a Brush

Bubble Tag
(translated into Spanish)

Build a Witch

Burning Desire Tag

Cloud Halo Sig Tag

Column and Roses Webset

Cow by Vectors

Cow Tag

Cracking Eggs

Cross Weave Tag

Diamond Gembar Background Tile

Diamond Frame Mask

Dragon Ball (by Selections)

Dragon by Shapes

Dragonflies (vectors)

Dragonfly Spiral Tag

Engraved Plaque
translated into French
translated into

Film Negative Sig Tag

Filmstrip Sig Tag

Flag Tag
(translated into French)

Flag, Animated
(translated into

Flame Bubble Tag
translated into

Fritillary Radial Tag

Gembar Webset

Ghost Pumpkin Globe

 Glitter--Making Tiles

 Glitter--Using Tiles

Gold-Trimmed Column

Hall of Honor Tag

Heartbeat Tag
(translated into Spanish)

Heart Slat Sig Tag

Hologram Card
translated into

Icy Eggs

Imprint on My Heart Tag

Kaleidoscope Diamond Tube Frame

Lacy Heart Beat

Lego Zoom Sig Tag

Lighthouse by Deformation

Make Your Own Slat

Marble Eggs

Matte Frame Tutorial

Melody Tag
translated into

Missing Puzzle Piece Tag

Mosaic Twirl Tag

Negative Frame Tag

Ommadawn Laser Tag
translated into

Ommadawn Trail Tag

Parchment Sig Tag
translated into French

Peacock Frame
translated into French
translated into

Pixelate Sig Tag

Plaid Halo Sig Tag or Webset

Queen of Hearts Tag

Saving Transparent Images

Seascape Mask Tag

Shadowy Reflection Sig Tag

Shattered Sig Tag

Sierpinski Frame

Silk and Wall Frame

Slicing Images Using Selection Tool

Sparkle Name Tag

Splash of Color
translated into

 Stairway of Hope Tag
translated into

Stamp Tut

Stamp Sig Tag

Super Blade Pro Plugin

 Three Layer Webset

 Using Slat Tubes

Waterball Globe

Weave Circular Frame

Whirlpool Tag

Wine and Roses Tag

Xero Mosaic Frame

Zoom Halo Sig Tag


PSP 7 Tutorials

Animate Globes--Layer Method

Animate Globes --Frame Method

Baskets of Flowers

Beary Valentine Sig Tag

Blinking Dolls or Animals


Broken Oval Frame

Carol Angel by Vectors

Chocolate Eggs

Collage Graphic

Cornucopia (or Horn of Plenty)

Diamond Frame Mask

Doll Face

Downloading and Installing Plugins/Filters

Dragons By Selections

Dragon Hugs

Edit Animations--Add Text

Egg Factory

Floating on a Cloud Sig Tag

Flower Globe Base

Glamour Doll Sig Tag

Gold Dingbat Webset

Golden Window Sig Tag or Web set

Heart Preset Shape

Heart Bubble

Hen Tutorial

Hollowed Eggs

Make a Dollmaker Doll Transparent

Marble Tile

Merry Christmas Bear

Mosaic Collage Splash

Rooster Tutorial

Textured Tile

Windchimes Tutorial




  Dragon's Breath (aka The Dragon Lord), 2001-2007. This background set was created  exclusively for Dragons' Breath  and belongs to The Dragon Lord.  Do Not take any of   the graphics.  I make no claim to the artwork used in the webset.  Credit is given where credit is known.  Thank you, Shane, for the "Just Having Fun at Dragon's Breath Forum"  graphic.