I have enjoyed learning how to use various graphics programs -- Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, and now DAZ Studio.  On this page, I hope to share with you my joy of making graphics with these tutorials that I have written.

My usage terms are simple:
While I own the intellectual copyright to what I have written,  the graphic that you create using my tutorials are your own creations.  Put your watermark on them.  You do not have to link back to my site.  However, I hope that you do share my tutorial links with others so that they  may also learn too.   Again, the graphic you create is yours; my tutorial is not. (Do not copy it onto another website.  Do not script it.  Make your own tutorial.)

If you own a Photoshop group and would like to use my tutorials, please do!  That is why I create them.  All I ask is that you send my link, not my page!


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Photoshop Tutorials

If you just opened your Photoshop, read these tutorials first:

Interface for Photoshop (BASICS)

  Editing Gradients (BASICS/CS 2)

Floating Tabbed Windows (BASICS/CS 4)

Fonts in Photoshop (BASICS)

 Font Properties (BASICS)

Loading Layer Styles (BASICS)

Making Layer Styles (BASICS)

Optimize Image Ready (BASICS)

Plugin Filters--Installing (beginner)

Seamless Patterns (BASICS)

Setting up Image Ready for Animation (BASICS)

Share Custom Shapes (beginner)


These tutorials assume you know where the tools are located:

3D--Texturizing 3D Objects

 Accountant Tag (Beginner/CS 2)


Adding Animation to Background Image or Tube (Animation)

Adding Text to GIF or Animation

Angel Effects (Beginner/CS 3)

Animated Locket (Beginner/ Animation)

Arch (Beginner)

Arch Frame (Intermediate)

Autumn Frame Tag (Beginner/CS 3)

Balloon Fill Tag (Beginner/CS 3)

Basket (Beginner/CS 2)

Beating Heart (Beginner)

NEW Be Thankful Card (Beginner/CS 5)

Bee Line (Beginner/CS 4)

Beveled Grid Tag (Beginner/CS 5)

Blinded By You Tag (Beginner Animation)

 Blinky 1--Making Template

  Blinky 1--Using Template

Blinky 2 (Template & Use)

Bloody Scratch (Beginner/CS 3)

Blue Eyes Tag (Beginner/ CS 2)

Bokeh Name (Animation/CS 4)

Bountiful Tag  (Beginner/CS 2)

 Boxed Lines Tag (Beginner)

Breathe Tag (Beginner Animation)

 Broken Oval Frame (Beginner)

Butterfly Frame (Beginner/CS 3)

Butterfly Glow (Beginner)

The Cage (beginner)

Camera Tag (beginner)

 Camouflage Tag (Beginner)

Celebration Tag (Beginner/CS3)

Chainlink (Beginner/CS4)

Champagne Time Tag (Beginner/CS3)

 Chasing Lights Tag--Animated (beginner)

Checkerboard Background (beginner)

Chinese Lantern (Beginner/CS 5)

  Christmas Ornament (Beginner/CS 2)

Clocks Tag (Beginner/CS 2)

Cloudy Bunnies (Beginners/CS 5)

Color Flare Effect  (Beginner/CS 3)

Coloring Outlines (Beginner/CS 3)

Constellations (Beginner Animation)

Converting Selections to Shapes (CS 5)

 Cornucopia (beginner)

Convert PSP Brushes to Photoshop

Correction:  Color Casting with Photo Filters (Beginner/CS 2)

Correction:  Noise Reduction (Beginner/CS 2)

 Correction:  One-Click Color Cast Correction (Beginner/CS 2)

Correction:  Smile! (Beginner/CS 3)

Crime Scene Tag (Beginner/CS 2)

Crumpled Papers (Beginner/CS 3)

Curled Overlay (Beginner/CS 3)

Daisy Eye Blend (Beginner/CS 3)

Diamond Background Webset (Beginner/CS 2)

Diamond Blinds Frame (Beginner/CS 4)

Distorted Weave (Beginner/CS 5)

 Dotted Lines (Beginner/CS 2)

Double Gold Heart Tag (beginner)

Dragon Trails (Beginner/CS 4)

Draped Glitter Tag (Beginner/CS 3)

Eggs (Beginner/CS 2)

Egg Shape (Beginner/CS4)

Encircle Wreath (Beginner/CS4)

 Extraction 1 (beginner)

Eye of Xero (Beginner/CS3)

Fairy Dust Tag (Beginner/Animation)

Falling Hearts (Beginner/CS4)

Falling Snow (Beginner/Animation)

Fiber Papers Background (Beginner/CS 3)

Fish--coloring (Beginner Shading/CS 2)

Fish Tank (Beginner Shading/CS 2)

Flatline Tag (Beginner Animation/CS 3)

Floral Lace Frame (Beginner/CS 2)

Flowers by Vectors (Beginner)

Flutter (Beginner/Animation)

Fuzzy TV (Beginner/Animation)

Gaussian Mist Tag (Beginner)

Ghosting Tubes (Beginner/CS 5)

Ghostly Fog (Beginner/CS 3)

 Glass Heart Tag (Beginner)

Glass Pumpkin (Beginner/CS 5)

Glitter Name (beginner)

 Glitter Tree (Beginner/CS 2)

Globe Animation (beginner)

 Gold Mesh Tag (Beginner)

Gothic Brush Tag (Beginner/CS 3)

Grapevine Wreath (beginner)

Grapevine Wreath--Decorating

Grid Blur Tag (Beginner/CS 3)

Half Blinds (Beginner/CS 3)

Half Wrap Weave (Beginner/CS 2)

Halloween Moon (Beginner/CS 3)

Hanging Spider Ani (Beginner/Animation)

 Heart Bow (Beginner/CS 3)

Heart Mayra Tag (Beginner/CS 4)

Heart Scroll Frame (Beginner/ CS 2)

Heart Shower Tag (Beginner/CS 3)

Heart Strings (Beginner/CS 4)

Holiday Elegance Card (Beginner/CS3)

 Holly Leaf Shape (Beginner/CS3)

Horseshoe Tag (Beginner/CS4)

Hue Frame (Beginner/CS 2)

Jack-O-Lanterns (beginner)

Jack-O-Rama Tag (Beginner)

 Lace Copies (Beginner/CS 4)

Lace Side Border for Web set or Stationary (Beginner/CS 2)

  Lace Silhouette Tag (Beginner/CS 2)

Lacy Screen (Beginner/CS 2)

Lacy Tile (Beginner/CS 3)

Lattice Tag (Beginner/CS 2)

Light Lines Tag (Beginner/CS 4)

Let It Snow (Beginner Animation/ CS 2)

 Lights Up Tag (Animation/ CS 2)

Magic Heart (Beginner/CS 4)

Making a Sugar Cookie (Beginner/CS 5)

Mardi Gras Mask Tag (beginner)

Masked Heart Frame (Beginner/CS 4)

Mask Quick page (Beginner/CS 4)

Minimum Frame (Beginner)

Miss You Blinds Tag (Intermediate/CS 2)

Montage (Beginner/CS 5)

Mosaic Mist Tag (beginner)

Mosaic Twirl Tag (Intermediate/CS 2)

Motion Blur Tag (beginner)

 Needlepoint Stocking (beginner)

Neon Flash (Beginner/Animation/CS 4)

New Year Blend (Beginner/CS 2)

Offset Frame (Beginner/CS 2)

Ommadawn Blur Tag (beginner)

Oval Blur  Tag (Beginner/CS 3)

Patchwork Heart Tag (beginner)

Peekaboo Tag (Beginner/CS 5)

Peekaboo Tag Without Plugin (Beginner/CS 5)

Photo Corners Tag (Beginner/CS 2)

Pixelated Blend (Beginner/CS 5)

Pixie Twirl Tag (Beginner/CS 2)

Polaroid Memory Tag (beginner)

  Pom Pom Christmas Bear (Beginner/CS 2)

 Pom Pom Wreath or Tree (Beginner/ CS 2)

Postage Stamp (Beginner/CS 2)

  Pouring Champagne Tag (Beginner/CS 2)

Puffy Leaf Frame (Beginner/CS 5)

Pumpkin Bouquet Tag (Beginner/CS 2)

Quill Animation (Intermediate/Animation)

Rainbow Circles (Beginner/CS 4)

Removing Background: Fur (Beginner/CS 3)

Retro Frame (Beginner/CS 4)

Ribbon Fly -- AV Bros Page Curl (Beg/CS 3)

Ribbon Fly -- Vizros (Intermediate/CS 3)

Rings Frame (Beginner/CS 5)

Ripple Reflect Tag (Beginner Animation with Sqirlz Reflect)

Roasted Name Tag (Beginner/CS5)

Scanlines Tag (Beginner/CS 2)

Scarecrow (Beginner/CS 5)

Scrap Turkey (Beginner/CS 5)

Scrap Turkey 2 (Beginner/CS 5)

Seamless Image Background Tiles (beginner)

Seamless Textured Background Tiles (beginner)

Shadow Box (Beginner/CS 5)

Shadow Tag (beginner)

Shamrock Frame (Beginner/CS 2)

NEW Shamrock Horseshoe (Beginner/CS5)


Shamrock Shape (Beginner)

  Shamrocks Tag (Beginner)

Shape Pattern (Beginner/CS 4)

Share Custom Shapes (beginner)

Sierpinski Frame (Beginner / CS 2)

Skating Animation (Beginner)

Skylines Tag (Beginner/CS 2)

Slatted Tag (Beginner/CS 2)

Slatted Tag without a Plugin (Beginner/CS 2)

Slide Show (Beginner/Animation)

  Snowflake Tag (Intermediate/ CS 2)

Snowflakes N Bows Tag (Beginner/CS 2)

Soft Spotlight Tut (Beginner/CS 3)

Solid Radiance (Beginner/CS 2)

Speckled Trimmed Heart (beginner)

Speed Tag (Beginner/Animation)

Spider Name (Beginner/Animation)

Spotted Fever (Beginner/CS 4)

Squeeze Me Text (Beginner/Animation)

Stained Glass Sig Tag (beginner)

Stamp Tag (Beginner/ CS 2)

Stitch Name (Beginner/CS 4)

Stocking Vectors (beginner)

Strawberry and Cream Tag (beginner)

Super Blade Pro Plugin

Table Reflections Tag (beginner)

 Teardrop Wreath (Beginner/CS 2)

Text Flag (Beginner/Animation)

Text Shapes (Beginner/ CS 2)

Transmission Weave Tag (Beginner/ CS 2)

Turkey Dinner (Beginner/CS 2)

 Type Mask Cutouts (Beginner/CS 2)

Type Mask Cutouts (CS 3)

Underwater Tag (Animation/CS)

Unfinished Jigsaw (Beginner/CS 3)

Using Overlays (Beginner/CS 5)

Valentine's Bear (Beginner/CS 2)

Vanish Animation (CS 5 Ani)

 Video Clip (Beginner/Animation)

Wallpaper (Beginner/CS3)

Wanted Tag (Beginner/CS4)

Water Blur Tag (beginner)

Watermark Stamp (Beginner/CS 3)

Watermark Shape (Beginner/CS 4)

Watermelon Style (Beginner/CS 5)

 Wavy Flag (Beginner/Animation)

Weave Blend (Beginner/CS 2)

Weave Frame (Beginner/CS 2)

Web Text (Beginner/Animation)

Windows Tag (Beginner/Animation)

Wind Text Tag (Beginner/CS 2)

Wire Frame Wreath (Beginner/CS 2)

 Witch Trail Tag (Animation/CS 2)

Year of the Dragon (Beginner/CS 5)

Yearbook Template Page

Winter Trees (Beginner/CS 4)

Yule Log (Beginner/3D/CS 4)



Please check back.  There are more to come!  




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