Rings Frame

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This tutorial is intended for a beginner to learn how to separate the windows in Photoshop.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

To do this tutorial you will also need Photoshop CS3 - CS4.  You may download a free trial at Adobe.

Remember to save as a .psd file often!

Download Xero Plugins, Fritillary in Freeware Filters Set

Download Refield Lattice XP plugin

Download Simple Plugins


1.  Open the photo that you will be framing. 

2.  Choose the Rectangle Marquee Selection tool.  Draw a square selection around the part of the picture that you want to use as a pattern.

3.  Edit > Define Pattern

4.  Selection > Deselect.  Minimize the picture for later use.

5.  File > New image.  Transparent, size 600 x 600 pixels.

6.  Edit > Stroke.  20 pixels, black

7.  With magic wand, select the border.  Select > Inverse.

8.  Select > Modify > Contract > 75 pixels

9.  Fill the selection with black. 

10.  Select > Modify > Contract > 20 pixels

11.  Hold the CTRL key down and left click on the thumbnail of the LAYER.  This will select BOTH borders

12.  Layer > New Layer

13.  Edit > Fill > Pattern  and choose the pattern you made in step 3.

14.  Filter > Xero > Fritillary .  Apply:  Granularity = 5, Aggression = 70, Tesselation = 25, Variation = 46

15.  At the bottom of the Layer Palette, click on the FX button, and choose Bevel and Emboss

16.  Apply:  Inner Bevel, Smooth, Depth = 205, Direction = Up, Size = 10, Soften = 0, Change Highlight Mode color to medium gray.

This is what your border will look like, only it will have 2 borders:

17.  In the Layer Palette click back on the bottom layer.

18.  With the magic wand select the blank pixels BETWEEN the two borders.

19.  Layer > New Layer.

20.   Edit > Fill > pattern  (same pattern you used before)

21.  Filter > Xero > Fritillary   Apply same settings.  It will look like this: 

22.  Filter > Redfield > Lattice XP  Keep the same settings, but change the lattice menu to #7 Talking Rings

23.  Then click on the down arrow TWICE

24.  Filter > Simple > Top Left Mirror

25.  Select > Deselect

26.  Right-click on layer and choose Merge Visible

27.  Save the frame as a PNG for later use.

28.  To insert an image:  Use the magic wand to click on the blank part in the middle.

29.  Select > Modify > Expand by 5 pixels

30.  Open up the image you want to use (this was minimized).  Select > All

31.  Edit > Copy

32.  Click back on the frame image

33.  Layer > New

34.  Edit > Paste Special > Paste Into

35.  Drag this layer below the frame

36.  Layers > Merge Visible

37.  Save as a PNG or GIF.


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