Make a textured tile.

1.  Choose a border color. I chose to use the color #0000C0.  Make this color your foreground color.

2.  Open a new file: 400 x 400, resolution= 72,000, transparent background, 16.7 million colors.

3.  Click on the left tool bar and choose the flood fill tool (paint can), and flood-fill the new file with your color choice by left-clicking.

4.  Now add some texture to your tile.  In the top tool bar, click on Effects–Texture Effects–Texture.  Choose a texture.  I chose gravel (#2 of the texture presets).  If you hover your mouse over the choices the file name will show.   Apply these settings: size=62, smoothness=0, depth = 1, ambience=0, shininess=0, color = white, angle= 315, intensity = 50, elevation = 30.

5.  In top tool bar, click   Image–rotate.  Mark the dot by left and free, and type in 50 in the box. Click ok.

6.  In the left tool bar, double-click on the selection tool.   The select area box comes up.  Type in these settings: left = 150, right=250, top =150, bottom = 150

7.  Click Selections–Convert to a seamless pattern.  A 100x100 tile will open up.   Click file–Save as and save this tile as a .jpg.  You may close the large tile without saving.


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