Merry Christmas Bulb Tag

I claim the copyright to this tutorial.  You are free to do whatever you please with what you make, but please do not take my tutorial.  Do not send the tutorial through email.  Only share my link.

This tutorial was created for some friends of mine who wanted to begin learning more about PSP.  It is intended for beginners to learn how to use modify gifs/animations, to add names to them, and to increase their canvas size.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

To do this tutorial you will also need Paint Shop Pro.  I used Paint Shop Pro 9, but the steps used may also be done in Version 8 or 7.  You may download a free trial at Jasc.

You will need to download the Christmas light tube.  (It's in two layers, ready to animate).

Remember to save as a psp file often!

1.  Open up  PSP & ANIMATION SHOP.  Open up the Christmas light tube in Animation Shop.

2.  The tube is two layers, so it should show up as 2 frames.  In top menu, click  Edit > Select All.

3.  Click on the Export Frames to PSP icon.  It is circled in the pic below.  This sends the animation/gif to Paint Shop Pro.  And since we selected all the layers, it will be multi-layered in PSP.

4.  Here is what it should look like in PSP.  I renamed the layers so that I could tell which one was on and off.  (Right-click on the layer in the Layer Palette and choose Rename)

5.  Now we need more room to work with.  In top menu, click Image > Canvas Size.  Set the Width & Height = 150.

6.  Right-click on top layer in the Layer Palette and choose New Raster Layer.  Call this layer Name.

7.  Choose your font tool and type your name in whatever font, color, size you want.  Apply any special effects to your name that you want.  I applied a drop shadow.

8.  Right-click on Name layer in the Layer Palette and choose New Raster Layer.  Call this layer Merry Christmas.

9.  Choose the font tool and type the words Merry Christmas.  Choose whatever font, color, size that you want.

10.  (Optional)  If you want to change the color of your bulb:  Choose the lasso tool, and carefully lasso around the bulb part of the light tube

11.  In top menu, click Adjust > Hue and Saturation > Colorize.  Play with the Hue and Saturation settings to get the color that you like. For blue I chose Hue = 160, Saturation = 175

12.  In the Layer Palette, Click on the eyes of the ON and OFF layers to turn them into red X's.  This HIDES those layers.  Then click on the top layer (Merry Christmas)

13.  Right-click on the Merry Christmas Layer, and choose Merge > Merge Visible.

14.  Right-click on the Merged layer and choose Duplicate.

15.  Drag your ON layer up one, so that your layers are in order as in the pic below.  HIDE the bottom two layers, and click on one of the top layers.

16.  Right-click on the top layer and choose Merge > Merge Visible.

17.  Now HIDE the top layer.  UNHIDE the bottom two layers by clicking on the red X.  Click on one of the bottom layers.

18.  Right-click on the bottom layer and choose Merge > Merge Visible.

19.  UNHIDE all layers.

20.  SAVE this as a .pspimage  format.  You want to keep the layers intact!  Then close out the image.

21.  Now go back to ANIMATION SHOP

22.  Open up the saved file in ANIMATION SHOP.

23.  In top menu, click Edit > Select All

24.  Right-click on one of the Frames and choose Frame Properties.

25.  Change the Display time to 50.  (The smaller the number, the faster the animation)

26.   Now save your animation!  File > Save As.


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