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I Suffer In Silence

I Suffer in Silence

I suffer in silence,
but I still feel the pain.
I don’t moan or groan
because I want to live life the same.

I suffer in silence,
rather than make a big deal.
But the pain does exist
The pain is so real.

I suffer in silence,
because I chose to live.
I don’t want to lay down and die.
I still have much life to give.

I suffer in silence,
I have yet to die.
But the pain still exists
It hurts and that’s no lie.

I suffer in silence,
but you know I hurt.
You treat me like an invalid
Though I want to work.

I suffer in silence,
Yes, I’m no invalid
but sometimes the pain is too much.
I need support. I need rest.

I suffer in silence,
I’ve decided to be strong.
Just accept me and my pain.
I’ve done no wrong.

Pamela Leger aka DragonBreath, 10.1.2015

More Info about Trigeminal Neuralgia:

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No Sandwich for Me

When my invisible illness — trigeminal neuralgia– flares up, I cannot eat my usual foods.  My mouth cannot open wide with the pain.  I cannot chew because the movement of my jaw causes pain.  A simple poboy or sandwich is off the menu.  I must eat only soft foods. #MyInvisibleFight #InvisibleIllnessWeek #TrigeminalNeuralgiaNotTNMeal_DragonBreath

My Invisible Illness



I thought I was managing and dealing with my TN well.  I continue to do all my household chores — sweeping, mopping, laundry, shopping, cooking every day.  It might take me a little longer some days, but it still gets done before my husband gets home from work.  Ok, I admit there are a couple days now and then that Hubby will have to cook supper because I am just too tired mentally to deal with something else, but I haven’t given up the ship yet.  I’m not a moaner, and you wouldn’t know that I’m in pain except that I cannot talk or eat at times, and maybe if you watch my face you’ll see it spasm in pain occasionally.  I suffer in silence, so that my life (and the lives of my loved ones) can be as normal as possible.  If my hubby wants to go camping, I go camping.  I figure I can starve at camp just as well as at home.  If he wants to go eat at a restaurant, we’ll go so he can eat, and I’ll pick at what soft food is there.  We go visiting friends and relatives.  We go walking and to the stores.  Everything seems normal, except that I am suffering quietly in pain.  I recently learned however that my husband thinks of me as an invalid.  I am still taking care of my own self, but now I am an invalid!  And he is frustrated by the life of pain that I live.  He feels put out, even though my pain has not caused him to miss any activity he wants to do.  I’m the one living the pain, and he says he’s the one “suffering.”  I want to know, suffering from what?  I was strong because I felt I could lean on him for mental support.  But now…what kind of support can I expect from someone who thinks I am useless or helpless.  And will he be there for me in the future when the TN progresses and the pain does stop me from living a normal life?  I am NOT an invalid, but if everyone else already thinks so, is the fight already lost?


Cloak for Dawn, Dusk, Star

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