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Fixed Links!

Woohoo!  I’m done.  I’ve fixed all the download links on those 37 pages of PoserFreebies.  At least, I think I’m done.  There could be some broken links on pages I did not know about.  If you find one, just let me know.

St. Patrick’s Day Goodies of Old

Here are some St. Pat’s goodies I made from years past:

St. Pats

3d files (DAZ/Poser)
Green Infamous

Emerald Subdragon

Emerald Faerie Dragon

Emerald Fantasy Dragonfly

Shamrock & Coin Tree

St. Patty Outfit for Dawn, Genesis

DPot Outfit for Dawn
2d (PSP/Photoshop)
St.Paddy Tubes

St.Paddy Scrapkit

St. Patrick’s Day Kits

St. Patty Tubes

Updating Links

I know that some of the download links on my Website (  are broken.  I am currently working on updating those links.  A helpful person has gone through and made a list of the download pages that need work.  Now these downloads will be updated between my health issues so please bear with me.  I will make a post when I have finished.  But if you need something really bad, you are welcome to email me and ask nicely.  I’ll see what I can do.

Harlie Outfit

This outfit is for Genesis, G2F, G2M, Dawn, and Dusk.  Make them become a Harlie for Mardi Gras or April Fools with this outfit.  Outfit includes:  hat prop, collar, top, arm braces, shorts, and  tights.  Male or female.


Genesis:  ShareCG

G2F:   ShareCG

G2M:   ShareCG

Dusk (DAZ)   ShareCG

Dawn(DAZ)   ShareCG

Dusk (PSR)   ShareCG

Dawn (PSR)   ShareCG

Or download them from my website: