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Updating Links

I know that some of the download links on my Website (  are broken.  I am currently working on updating those links.  A helpful person has gone through and made a list of the download pages that need work.  Now these downloads will be updated between my health issues so please bear with me.  I will make a post when I have finished.  But if you need something really bad, you are welcome to email me and ask nicely.  I’ll see what I can do.

Harlie Outfit

This outfit is for Genesis, G2F, G2M, Dawn, and Dusk.  Make them become a Harlie for Mardi Gras or April Fools with this outfit.  Outfit includes:  hat prop, collar, top, arm braces, shorts, and  tights.  Male or female.


Genesis:  ShareCG

G2F:   ShareCG

G2M:   ShareCG

Dusk (DAZ)   ShareCG

Dawn(DAZ)   ShareCG

Dusk (PSR)   ShareCG

Dawn (PSR)   ShareCG

Or download them from my website:




Mardi Gras Goodies of Old

It is Carnival Season here in Louisiana and Mardi Gras will be here February 17.  Here are some goodies from days past to help you celebrate:

Mardi Gras Baby Gro

Mardi Gras texture for Eastern Dragon

Mardi Gras texture for Subdragon

Mardi Gras texture for Faerie Dragon

Mardi Gras texture for Hiro 3 Pirate

Mardi Gras texture for Dragonfly

Mardi Gras texture for Hatchling Dragon

Mardi Gras texture for DAZ Dragon 3

Carnival Outfit for Dawn, Mime faces for Dawn & Genesis

Mardi Gras Tubes for PSP/Photoshop

Doubloons, Parade Float

MG Outfit for Genesis

Mardi Gras props (beads, sceptres, king cakes)

Valentines Goodies of Old

Valentines Day is coming up.  My forum is doing an activity for Valentines and Mardi Gras, so be looking for some posts from me.  However, for now, I thought I would list some old goodies I have made for Valentines Day.

Dragon Hearts Texture for Subdragon

Pink Love Texture for Kai Outfit for A3

Heart Hedge & Heart Throne, Candy Kiss, Chocolate Cup

D’Queen of Suits for Dawn

Valentines Props (hearts, scepter)