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information about some Poser or DAZ item

Cloak for Dawn, Dusk, Star

DAZ and Poser files.  Cloak only!



Dawn (DAZ)

Dusk (DAZ)

Star (DAZ)

Dawn (Poser)

Dusk (Poser)

Star (Poser)



NitaLand Outfit for Dawn and Star

Put Dawn are Star down the rabbit hole with this outfit.

Dawn Daz:

Star Daz:

Dawn Poser:

Star Poser:

DawnNitaLandPromo StarNitaLandPromo

Sand Rider Outfit

Protect your character as he/she rides through the desert with this Sand Rider Outfit.  For Genesis, G2F, G2M, Dawn, Dusk, Poser and DAZSandRiderGROUPPROMO


Dawn (DAZ):
Dusk (DAZ):
Dawn (Poser):
Dusk (Poser):

St. Patrick’s Day Goodies of Old

Here are some St. Pat’s goodies I made from years past:

St. Pats

3d files (DAZ/Poser)
Green Infamous

Emerald Subdragon

Emerald Faerie Dragon

Emerald Fantasy Dragonfly

Shamrock & Coin Tree

St. Patty Outfit for Dawn, Genesis

DPot Outfit for Dawn
2d (PSP/Photoshop)
St.Paddy Tubes

St.Paddy Scrapkit

St. Patrick’s Day Kits

St. Patty Tubes