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2009 in Review

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

Here we are about 1 hour away from the new year, 2010.

New Year’s Eve has always been a time of reflection for me.¬† Where am I?¬† What have I accomplished?¬† What can I improve?¬† I believe it’s a good thing for people to reflect on themselves and see what they can improve.¬† You cannot go out and help others, if you do not know where you yourself are.

2009 was an eventful year.  It began with my son getting his first job, and then 2 days later having an accident.  He was ok, and the car was not.  So he ended up buying his first new car.  He also ended up quitting that job within in a week, and taking employment at another one.  He still has this second job, and the second car.  So I guess it worked out with him.

My husband had ankle surgery the last week of January.  He broke his ankle while separating two fighting students.  He was out of work for 6 weeks, while his ankle surgery healed up, and I jealously continued to work each day.  His ankle is healed, but as with all injuries, it has its weak moments, so he has to be careful walking.  And it hurts him in the bad weather.

Even I have had my bout with bad health.¬† This fall I had some bad swelling and breathing, and bad low energy.¬† I changed doctors because the first quack tried to tell me I was diabetic, when he knew I had just eaten before he requested the blood test.¬† The second doctor was worried about my heart and my breathing.¬† So I am now also seeing a cardiologist and a pulmonologist.¬† The cardiologist has insisted I lose weight, but after running tests he says my heart seems to be in good health.¬† The pulmonologist tested me for sleep apnea.¬† Now I sleep with an CPAP machine.¬† I’ve lost 30 pounds, and while I don’t have the same energy that I had before, I am still able to get around school and get my work done.¬† And I’m not having heart problems right now.

The only one who hasn’t had major health problems is my daughter.¬† But she will.¬† My daughter bought her first vehicle in the summer of 2009, and got her first job.¬† She’s still working at the same place, and finishing up her last year of high school.¬† Her grades have not be stellar, but she has so far completed her credits on schedule.¬† She got her first tattoo on her 18th birthday.¬† She had her first “boyfriend”.¬† He may have lasted a couple of weeks.¬† And she’s been smoking.¬† The boyfriend, tattoo and smoking she hid from me (or thought she was).

School has become more of a burden.¬† I have to prep myself in the morning to get out of bed and get ready for school.¬† The students seem worse than ever about wanting to do anything.¬† The good thing is that I’m department head, and I only teach 3 hours.¬† The other 3 hours I spend helping the other math teachers.¬† I enjoy that part of it.¬† But the rest of it–all the extra paperwork and procedures — it’s bull.¬† 9 more years to go.

My graphics¬† hobby is steadily improving.¬† I’ve learned how to use dAZ Studio to make 3D renders, and I’m getting better at using Bryce to make terrains and renders.¬† I’ve opened up Poser, and can use it somewhat to create prop files.¬† I still have not learned how to rig, but I did find some good tutorials to help me in that area… so that’s my next step.

So while there have definitely been some bad parts this year of 2009, those bad parts have only been temporary setbacks.¬† I can look back and say good things about what’s going on.¬† My daughter has shown how responsible she can be in a job.¬† My son has grown to be a more responsible person.¬† Tommy is still the loving man I married 3 years ago.¬† We still have our house.¬† We still can pay the bills.¬† We still have our jobs.¬† And my computer is still working!

“In the depths of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.”¬† Albert Camus


Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

Here are some brushes for making clock faces and clock hands.  The brushes are in Paint Shop Pro X2 format, Photoshop format, and in PNGS.



TOU:¬† These brushes were created by me, Dragon’s Breath.¬† You have free use of the brush, just do not claim it as your own.¬† If your group requires a copyright notice (I do not), please write:¬† copyright:¬† Dragon’s Breath.


New Years Backgrounds

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

Here are some large backgrounds that can be used for New Years.







New Years Sig Tags

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

I’ve posted some new sig tags with a New Year’s theme.

NO LONGER available for download