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Who Dat Nation!

Saturday, January 30th, 2010

Here are textures to make a whole team of Who Dats in Poser or DAZ.

These textures are for the Football Player for Gumdrops, by Teknology3d:



NO LONGER available for download


Oh yeah, and the other team is available, too:

NO LONGER available for download



Who Dat Tubes!

Saturday, January 30th, 2010

Here’s a set of 3 tubes to honor your creative side for the Superbowl.


TOU:¬† These tubes were created by me, Dragon’s Breath.¬† You have free use of the tube, just do not claim it as your own.¬† If your group requires a copyright notice (I do not), please write:¬† copyright:¬† Dragon’s Breath.



Oh yeah, here’s the other guys:



Peppermint Love

Monday, January 25th, 2010

I have created a texture for the Aery Soul Peppermint outfit that can be bought at Renderosity.  The texture is called Peppermint Love

NO LONGER available for download



More Backgrounds

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

I have 48 backgrounds uploaded into my Fotki site.  These backgrounds are large enough to use as wallpaper or background images for DAZ/Poser.

TOU:¬† These backgrounds were created by me, Dragon’s Breath.¬† You have free use of the background, just do not claim it as your own.¬† If your group requires a copyright notice (I do not), please write:¬† copyright:¬† Dragon’s Breath.

Dragon’s Breath

NO LONGER available for download



Mardi Gras and Winter Tubes

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

Here are some new poser tubes I have made. 

My TOU:¬† These tubes were created by me, Dragon’s Breath.¬† You have free use of the tube, just do not claim it as your own.¬† If your group requires a copyright notice (I do not), please write:¬† copyright:¬† Dragon’s Breath.






new Paint Shop Pro tutorials

Monday, January 18th, 2010

I have posted 2 new Paint Shop Pro X2 tutorials.

Diamond Offset Background Tutorial



Feedback Slice Frame


It’s been a busy week!

Monday, January 18th, 2010

Hi everyone
Sorry I’ve been a little scarce.¬† I haven’t had much time to work on the forum.¬† I’ve squeezed time in by checking the forum in the morning while I’m drinking coffee before I get ready for school, and then sometimes late in the evening right before I go to bed.¬† This doesn’t leave me much time to chat, just a few minutes to correct any problems, delete spammers, and maybe check a hatchling lesson or two.

School has been crazy.¬† Monday I had an IMT meeting so I was gone from my house from 6 am until after 6 pm.¬† Of course, school doesn’t end there, because there’s always papers to grade or lessons to prepare for the next day.¬† And then feed my family.

Our school district has mandated some practice tests for the state assessment.¬† They gave us a deadline for administering and scoring these tests, but they didn’t even have all the test materials ready yet.¬† So of course, we have been working on a day-to-day basis on what our daily schedules are going to be, changing them almost on a daily basis.¬† It’s been hard to know what we’re going to do in advance.¬† So¬† it’s difficult to tell the students to do homework because tomorrow we may find that we are testing instead of in our classroom.¬† Let’s just say my lesson plans for next week have changed countless times.¬† First, there was going to be a unit test on Jan. 22.¬† Then practice tests came.¬† We were losing 1 day of lessons for testing first week and 2 more the second week.¬† We tentatively moved the unit test to the following Tuesday (Jan. 26).¬† But then the unit tests came in and in the school board’s infinite wisdom the unit test didn’t even cover the 2nd part of the unit, so we moved the test back to Jan. 22.¬† And then Friday after class, I was told testing procedure has been changed.¬† And now, the math department has to test all their students during class time, so the test will now take 4 days more instead of 2 days — wiping out all of next week’s lessons, and the unit test is now moved back to Jan. 26.

Make sense?  Of course not.

Because of all that back-and-forth changing, I was unable to get lesson plans ready for next week.

Oh and did I mention that on Wednesday next week we are having a district-wide meeting at my school, using my math office.¬† So I have to prepare for that, too.¬† I can do the paperwork at home (though I’d prefer not to), but I got to be in the office to clean it up and set it up.¬† And I’m going to be in the classroom testing, while a small-group uses the office for testing.

Saturday, I had a workshop, so there went my Saturday.¬† The workshop was supposed to teach me how to use an ActivBoard or Smartboard in my lessons.¬† We’re required to attend 18 hours of inservice, so we can get an ActivBoard in our classroom.¬† Ok, I don’t mind getting teaching ideas, etc, and I would love to computerize my lessons.¬† Well, I spent 6 hours there for nothing.¬† The presenters presented things so disorganized and so slowly!¬† I got board and started playing around with the program and learned more in the 30 minutes of playing around, then I did sitting there for 6 hours.¬† In fact, after this first part we’re supposed to create a lesson on the ActivBoard, present it to one of our classes and return to the next workshop session¬† with reflections on the lesson.¬† I had my lesson completed before they even told us to start working on it.

Then Sunday was used up because of football.¬† I’m not particularly a sports fan, but it’s hard not to catch the fever this year with the Saints making it to the playoffs.¬† My husband loves football, and he must watch the games.¬† I tend to allow him this because football is really the only sport that he follows.¬† I must say that sitting with him to watch the games has been reminiscent of me sitting with Dad to watch his games.¬† lol¬† Anyway,¬† how ’bout dem Saints!¬† Then there’s the hour long phone call from my sister (the one who hates LSU football).¬† She is also anti- Dallas.¬† So she was sooooo happy when Dallas lost, and happy that the Saints won.¬† She has to call and celebrate.¬† Most of the time, I’m just listening and saying the obligatory “yeah” now and then.

I’ve been trying to stay on top of my daughter’s schoolwork more.¬† It’s hard because alot of times, I’m coming in from work and she’s leaving to go to work.¬† I wish sometimes she attended the same school I taught at.¬† Her school puts her grades on an electronic gradebook, but the assignments are not announced in advance.¬† If my daughter doesn’t do an assignment, I don’t know until well afterwards, when the teacher finally posts grades.¬† So I’m trying to be more diligent in checking for assignments, requiring her to leave her schoolwork on the dinner table when she has to go to work.¬† Knocking on her door at 6 am in the morning when I’m about to leave to tell her to study.¬† She’s a senior this year, and supposed to graduate in May.¬† I can’t let up now.¬† I’m almost done with her!

You know, some parents cry or feel a loss when the last one leaves the house.¬† Empty nest syndrome, they call it.¬† Me?¬† I’ll be too tired to feel a loss.¬† And I will be so relieved to have my house and my time back to myself.

Anyway,¬† here was just a little snippet of what’s been going on and why I haven’t posted much in the forum.¬† I hope to be able to post more this week, since all I’m doing is testing and won’t have lessons to prepare for.¬†

Have a great week!


Saturday, January 16th, 2010

This is an unsolicited restaurant recommendation!

Today my husband and I decided to eat at Pimanyoli’s, a sidewalk cafe located at the Crossing in Baton Rouge.¬† We had actually wanted to try it yesterday, but we showed up before they opened and so left to go to another restaurant.¬† That was our loss.

Today when I returned from my workshop, I had not eaten lunch and neither had my husband, so we decided to go eat a late lunch/early dinner.¬† I was actually surprised because the Saints kickoff was then, but my hubby was hungry.¬† So we went to Pimanyoli’s.

I immediately liked the restaurant as we walked in.¬† It’s atmosphere was very comfortable, and it looked upscale inside.¬† And they had the Saints game on, so hubby was happy.¬†

We had heard about the restaurant from his sister and brother-in-law, who heartily recommended their tamales.  In fact, my hubby had been craving tamales ever since.  So we began with their tamale dozen for an appetizer.  The tamales were great!  They were not too saucy or greasy.  They had a slight peppery taste, but it was not over-powering in the seasoning.  The tamales were well-rolled.

For lunch, we ordered poboys.¬† I ordered a brisket melt and my hubby ordered the smoked ribeye poboy.¬† Both sandwiches were great!¬† The meat was very tender and smoky and well-seasoned.¬† The food was served fresh and hot.¬† The french fries were hot!¬† My only complaint was that the food was a little salty, but I’m sure that’s because I don’t use salt at all.¬†

I decided to spoil my diet and order some bread pudding with rum sauce for dessert.¬† I wasn’t going to, but judging from the great sandwiches I was sure that the bread pudding was something I shouldn’t pass up.¬† I was not disappointed!¬† The piece was so large, about 4 or 5 inches wide and long, and a good 3 or 4 inches thick.¬† It was fresh, warm, and the sauce was good, too.¬† The bread pudding was good enough to tempt my husband to eat some, even though he usually doesn’t eat dessert.¬† We split that bread pudding piece, and we both had enough of it to eat from that one serving.¬† It was well worth the $4.50, and well worth spoiling my diet!

The menu had lots of good barbecue choices.  We want to go back and try every one of them.  The choices made our lunch order difficult to make, but we enjoyed our time there.  The owners were out in the dining area watching the game with us and serving as needed.  In fact, the husband is the one that served us our tamales.  The owners were very personable and helped to make the restaurant a comfortable, inviting, and classy place to eat at.  We will certainly be returning to eat there!

For more information and their menu, see their website.

For 225 article on Pimanyoli’s tamales

And the pendulum swings back

Friday, January 8th, 2010

Today I’m home.¬† EBR declared an¬† …¬† I guess you call it a possible Ice Day.¬† It wasn’t like we were expecting snow.¬† They were just expecting a hard freeze, and afraid it would ice up the roads.¬† They declared this yesterday by 3:30 pm.¬† The light rain we were getting stopped by 5 pm, and the roads dried off.¬† Yes, our temperatures got as low as about 23 degrees, and may not get up past the 30s today, even with the sunshine.¬† When I got up in the morning (my usual time, since my body is on school clock), they were announcing that all the roads were clear and open.¬† There’s not even a bit of frost on the ground!

But it¬†is too late.¬† The superintendent has already closed schools.¬† And so it looks like we will be making up a school day later on — for nothing.

Some cite that the schools may have heater problems.¬† Well, I say,¬† fix those darn things!¬† That’s what the maintenance crew is for.¬† If they know they are not working properly, then why are they just sitting on their hands?

I’m sure that this decision was made as a backlash from last year.¬† Last year we had a true Snow day.¬† It actually snowed.¬† It was snowing when I woke up to get dress for school, and had been snowing.¬† But the school board did not cancel school.¬† They did not cancel school until buses had already begun picking up students, and teachers were already at the school sites.¬† So then we teachers had to wait for all the students to be picked up and then drive back on the dangerous roads.¬† Your northerners are used to snow on the roads.¬† But these idiots are not.¬† And we do not have the equipment (plows, sand, salt) to clear the roads.¬† I ended up having to replace a windshield.¬† While my car was parked in the parking lot for 2 hours, buried under 6 – 8 inches of snow, a very tiny chip in my windshield that had been there for over 12 months in extreme heat and never traveled anywhere — it chose to “play in the snow” and spread all across my windshield.¬† And this was mild compared to what others dealt with — car accidents, sliding, etc.¬†

So the teachers did not let the school board forget how they endangered the students and the teachers last year.¬† So probably from fear of it happening again, they decided to close school — but again made that decision too soon.¬†

Don’t get me wrong.¬† I am happy to be home and not at school.¬† But in May I will not be happy to be working one extra day to make up this one.

I hope everyone is having a good day and week.  Keep warm!

Freeze Warning

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

“Through rain, sleet, or snow… teachers always deliver their lesson.”

Wait, that’s for the postman.¬†

We are in the middle of a cold spell, with hard freeze warnings.  It got as low as 24 degrees this morning, and it will again tonight.  By the end of the week, we are expecting to see temperatures in the teens for 2 days in a row.  And tomorrow night we could see a wintry mix.  All are ingredients for a possible snow day.

I want my snow day!