Pam’s Law

Posted by on January 4, 2011

Well, I can tell you in retrospect, 2010 was an interesting year. It seemed like it was going to start off slow but that was only a misconception.  

I’ve been suffering with ongoing back problems, which I’ve learned to manage around the pain.¬† ¬†But the migraines that come now and then are getting worse. Perhaps they are related, but my latest doctor doesn’t seem to be too concerned on the migraines, other than relieving my pain. I went from having one doctor to having 5 doctors.

We won’t delve much into school.¬† ¬†School is always an interesting place.¬† ¬†But it is growing more interesting– much more interesting that I’m dreaming of retirement.¬† 8 years and counting.¬†¬† Too bad I didn’t win the lottery.

But I guess the most nerve-wracking events have been the hospital visits.¬†¬† 5 out of 8 immediate family members have had some kind of ER/hospital stay .¬†¬† My mother-in-law had fallen and broke her hip.¬†¬† Now she has alzheimer’s and since October, her faculties have quickly diminished.¬†¬† My father had emergency visit to the hospital for what turned out to be gout.¬†¬† My sister passed out and her son had to call the ambulance, for dehydration from flu. ¬†Oh, and my husband, who tried to operate on the vaccuum cleaner with a knife, stabbed himself, and I found myself driving him to ER to get some stitches.¬† And my son spent a week in the hospital at the end of October.¬†

I’m sick of hospitals.

¬†I’m sick of sitting in waiting rooms for hours before being brought into an examining room.¬† And then waiting in there before being seen by a doctor.¬† I have much better things to do.¬†

¬†And so, in keeping with the spirit of New Year’s and resolutions and making changes and such, I have proscribed Pam’s Law.

Pam’s Law:¬† No one –¬† absolutely no one¬†– will go to the hospital this year.

January 3, 2011 — Mrs. Broussard, my wonderful MIL, slipped and fell, dislocating her thumb, and spent the morning …..

 in the hospital!

 I can tell that 2011 is not going to be a quiet year!

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