I Want to Be a Man

Posted by on June 2, 2011

Well,¬† my husband and I are beginning our summer vacation by taking care of some doctor’s visits–getting them out of the way, so that the rest of summer can be ours to do with as we please.¬† Yesterday was my husband’s turn.¬† He had his physical.¬† And I, being the dutiful wife, got up early with him to go with him.¬† Actually, I had an ulterior motive.¬† Since my doctor told me I needed to lose weight two days ago,¬† I decided I was going to get my body moving, and not just sit around the house.¬† But I went.

He had to go early to have blood work drawn after fasting the night before.¬† So we were rushing to move in the morning.¬† I had not had breakfast, so it was not good for me.¬† We were going to eat after his blood work.¬† His blood work didn’t take long, and we left the clinic to go eat breakfast.¬† He took me to McDonald’s.¬† I was good and tried to eat healthy.¬† I skipped all the bread products like I was supposed to, just eating the eggs, sausage and some yogurt.¬† He gulped down his sausage Mcmuffin, and ate my biscuit, and drank his coffee full of sugar.¬† Then we returned to the clinic to wait out his appointment.

The waiting wasn’t long.¬† I actually did some reading, which I hadn’t done much in a long time.¬† When he came out, I asked what the doc had to say.

He lost 6 freaking pounds!

He eats the same foods I do, actually eating more quantity than I do.¬† He snacks.¬† He eats unhealthy.¬† He sits in bed at night eating peanut M&M’s by the handful almost every night.¬† He does not exercise.¬† He sleeps in his recliner every day after school.¬† I’m consciously watching what I eat, and he’s consciously shoveling his food in.¬† He loses 6 pounds over the year, and I gain 40!¬† What the hell!

I want to be a man!

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