Diary of a Plantkiller, Day 2

Posted by on May 28, 2011

I like salads occoasionally, so weeds can be good.  They can be tasteless too.  lol  Back to no bread, no pasta, no rice, lowww sugar.

Thanks for the comments on the garden.¬† It does look nice.¬† Tommy put the solar lights in it.¬† I’ll take a pic of it later on this evening when the lights come on.¬† I’ve been seeing alot of dragonflies flying around.¬† That’s been nice.¬†

The sidewalk used to be lined with monkey grass, when we had bought the house.¬† I hated that stuff and always wanted to get rid of it.¬† Finnally, it’s gone!¬† the brick guys said they found some baby rattlers when they dug up the grass!¬† I’m so glad we did!

I’ve started my diet ok.¬† That’s not hard.¬† I wasn’t eating that much off the diet to begin with.¬† I’m going to try to get some exercise going regularly.¬† The little bit of gardening left me stiff today with my back.¬† I guess, I’ll have to start saying “no pain, no gain.”

It’s Day 2, and all of the plants are still alive!¬† Tommy’s talking about getting a few potted plants to put on the stools that we have on the porch behind the beds.¬† He’s a little proud of his work, too.

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