Diary of a Plantkiller, Day 3 & 4

Posted by on May 30, 2011

Day 3 — Saturday we finished off the garden.¬† Tommy finished adding the last of the mulch, and then we went back to Home Depot.¬† Tommy wanted to buy some potted plants to put on the barstools in front of the windows.¬† While we were there,¬† I saw this stained glass butterfly wind thing to put in the garden.¬† lol¬† It’s taller than the flowers.

Starlite, I’ve been talking to the plants every morning.¬† Tommy says I can’t give them names, though.¬† I told him “Don’t be silly.¬† They already have names on their little information cards.”¬† The neighbors are probably wondering what I am doing walking around each plant every morning.¬† I can’t speak for all the plants, but the yellow lillies seem to like being spoken to.¬† They are blossoming nicely.

I still have to get a good night picture with the lights.  They have had time to charge now.

Day 4 — Sunday
Today we brought my MIL home to eat lunch with us.¬† She didn’t even notice the garden as she walked in the front door.¬† Hmph!¬† I told her that she would have to put on some old clothes and get out there and start weeding for her lunch.

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