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Posted by on June 3, 2011

Well, the end is near.¬†¬† This year, more than anything, has taught me that.¬† I’m close to ending my career of teaching.¬† I’ve already finished 22 years of teaching.¬† I’m trying to finish 30.¬† So 8 years to go.¬† But with my back and other health problems it could be shorter than that.¬† In fact, for a short time, I considered retiring at the end of this year.¬† I even contacted Teacher’s retirement for an estimate.¬† My retirement would be 46% of my current salary if I retired at the end of this year rather than 75% at the end of 30 years.¬† A big difference in pay.¬† We could still afford to pay bills, but we would be reduced to only paying for necessities.¬† I would be back to living like I was when I first became a single, divorced parent — something that has taken me almost 20 years to work so hard to get away from.¬† So after some hard thinking and praying, and some luck with my back,¬† I have decided to stick it out some more years, as many as I can.

The main reason being that there are some things around the house that we wish to fix and purchase and do, so we need the money.  This is my bucket list:

1.  Purchase new washer and dryer (DONE)

2.  Purachase new dishwasher and stove (DONE)

3.  Fix up bathroom and shower.

4.  Fix up boards on house, and maybe get siding.

5.  Fix up kitchen counters. (DONE)

6.  Pay off credit cards.  (one to go!)

7.  Buy an RV/sleeper trailer.  (DONE)

8.  Buy a new truck to pull trailer, if necessary.  (DONE)

9.  Fix the holes that were punched into the walls.

10.  Fix the ceiling fan on the back porch.  (DONE)

Some of these would not be necessities, and so can be scratched off the list if I had to retire early.¬† Actually, most of them can be.¬† We’d just have to live with the kitchen as is, etc.¬† But I’ve worked too hard to not have something to show for it in my retirement.

Now, if only I could impart the importance of being frugal on my children.

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