Waiting for Isaac

Posted by on August 28, 2012

It’s about 10 am here, and seems like just another day.¬† It’s partly cloudy, but the sun shines through in breaks in the clouds.¬† There’s a small, warm breeze.¬† It’s just like fall.

It’s a little eerie though.¬† I step onto my back porch and hear nothing.¬† There are no birds chirping and no squirrels chattering.¬† We don’t hear them, and we don’t see them either.¬† Even the neighborhood dogs are silent.

We finished our preparations yesterday, so we are just piddling.¬† We’re doing laundry so that if we do have clean clothes if we do eventually lose power.

We’re just sitting here waiting for the rain to come.¬† They say Baton Rouge will get some in the afternoon, but it’ll be worse for us tomorrow.


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