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Posted by on August 29, 2009

Hey, all I’m sorry for no tutorials and not being around.¬† I’ve been really sick.¬† I’ve been trying to not miss work (school) but that just means that I’m extremely worn out when I get home.¬† I’ve been hitting the bed about 7 pm every night.

This has actually been going on for a while.¬† I’ve been having fatigue and swelling problems, and breathing problems.¬† But with school back in session, the fatigue has been hitting me very hard.¬† My idiot doctor decided to run some blood tests, telling me that I didn’t need to fast for these tests, but then he ran a check on blood sugar.¬† Well, I hadn’t fasted, so of course my blood sugar is high.¬† So now I need to go back again for another blood test (fasting this time)¬† to see if my blood sugar is really high.

I’ve changed doctors.¬† This is ridiculous.¬† 1 hour after¬† walking around and chasing teachers around, I’m exhausted, and feel horrible.¬† The doctor says:¬† Your blood sugar is high, 2 points from being a diabetic.¬† Diet & exercise, and wait 3 mos, then come back for more blood work.

Meanwhile, what am I supposed to do about the fatigue and feeling horrible?? Which was the reason I went to the doctor to begin with.  I cannot leave my job early every day until he decides to run another PROPER blood test in 3 months.  So I changed doctors and have an appt Monday.

At the same time, I now have another sinus infection — and all he gave me was an antihistamine — which dries me up and makes me light-headed (add that to the effects of the diuretics he gave me for the swelling), but the infection doesn’t go away, just stays around waiting to pounce on me again when I least expect it.

School has been hell.¬† Teachers are worse than children.¬† I haven’t seen anything like this!¬† I have been teaching for 20 years, and these teachers take the cake!¬† There’s a pacing chart for each subject to teach a unit within that timeline.¬† I’ve been helping out with the science department while their dean was on maternity leave.¬† The physical science teachers and biology teachers were supposed to give the unit 1 test on Friday, Aug 28.¬† NONE of them had a test planned in their lesson plans, and none¬† of them planned on finishing the unit before the end of next week.¬† Of course, the principal is not happy with them.¬† He called an emergency meeting with that department.¬† They think they can teach whatever they want and when they want.¬† It doesn’t matter that certain things¬† must be taught to be ready for the semester exams.¬† Oh, and whatever happened to teaching what needs to be taught so they can be ready to start next year’s class.

And my math teachers are not any better.¬† 2 of them are telling me they won’t meet the Sept 4 deadline for their unit 1.¬† One even told me that the pacing chart gave them 6 extra days than what the activities required, and she will be a minimum of 3 days late on the deadline.¬† Not even a month and she’s already almost 2 weeks behind schedule.

On top of that, they were required to give a pretest by a certain date.  I checked up on them.  They all told me they were on schedule and would be completed by that Friday.  But on the Wednesday AFTER the deadline, I observed a class, and she was giving the test when I walked in!

I will¬† get some tutorials up today.¬† I’m so sorry for the delay, and sorry, Shane that I did not get back to you.

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