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Posted by on September 24, 2009

Well, I had my cardiologist appointment on Tuesday.¬† He did order a echogram of my heart (an ultrasound).¬† He said everything looked fine in the ultrasound.¬† My legs were a little swollen.¬† He looked at all the test results that the other doctor had taken, and said he didn’t see anything to worry about.¬† He is concerned about my fast heartbeat, and they noticed an irregular beat while testing.¬† My blood pressure was high, too.¬† Of course, I had just come from school and we were doing PLAN testing that day.¬† Naturally,¬† I was dealing with unruly children who think that they can misbehave when they’re in a different teacher’s classroom.¬† He wants to give me a stress test in 2 weeks.¬† He put me on a beta blocker, hoping that this will also aid my bp medicine and diuretic into controlling blood pressure and swelling.¬†¬† He also suggested losing weight, which I had been working on until my feet started swelling and I was losing all this energy.¬† So we’re trying his assigned diet, which is basically like the South Beach Diet.¬† I’m not sure about this one since it is low carb and low sugar – and I have episodes of low sugar.¬† The beta blocker has a warning about probably making me drowsy or dizzy.¬† Like I need to be any more sleepy than I already am!¬† In fact, that’s why I’m not at school today.¬† I was too dizzy to drive.¬† And I’ll probably be crawling back into bed in a little while.

My mother had a triple bypass when she was in her 50′s, so that is something of a concern for me.¬† This concern came to life yesterday at school.¬† One of our teachers had a heart attack during his 4th period class.¬† This was not his first one either.¬† He’s 61.¬† He was alert when the EMT took him out on a gurney to the hospital.¬† But with my history of heart problems in my family, and my own history of blood pressure,¬† that could be me in 10 years.¬† So I’m trying very hard to do this diet thing, and hope I can get back on the treadmill soon.

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