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Posted by on October 3, 2009

Well,¬† I am doing better.¬† I believe the combination of new meds and the diet have helped alot.¬† I’ve lost about 20 pounds since I’ve been seeing the doctor, about 6 months.¬† Next week I’ll begin phase 2 of the diet he put me on.¬† Right now — no sugar,¬† low carbs, no potatoes, no carrots, no bread.¬† In Phase 2 I’ll be able to add some of those carbs back, just a little.¬† I suffer from low blood sugar episodes, and this diet is the opposite of what I had been taught to do to control my blood sugar levels.¬† The old diet worked;¬† I didn’t suffer low levels.¬† But when he put me on this diet I was concerned that I might.¬† And my blood sugar has been under control.¬† I really have not craved much, though I do say¬† I did think about pizza the other night.¬† The toppings would be ok for me to eat, just not the crust.

Last week¬† I had my sleep apnea test.¬† I had to do a 6-8 hour sleepover at the diagnostic center, with electrodes attached to my head and my chest and my legs.¬† I even had 2 sensor tubes in my nose.¬† And all I had to do was sleep.¬† Of course, I don’t sleep solidly.¬† And I was aware of those wires as I moved around during the night.¬† I did not get the air machine put on during the night.¬† I guess that may be a good thing.¬† My apnea must not be that bad, if I have it.¬† But then, the bad thing is — what’s keeping me from resting?¬† I’m still waiting to hear the results of the sleep apnea test.

The test was Monday night, and so I was late going in to school on Tuesday morning.  I had to wash all the electrode gel and paste out of my hair.  Then Wednesday I was gone from school all day to a professional development meeting for geometry teachers. 

My energy is doing better.¬† I usually can make it through the school day and come home.¬† I do notice that when it is hotter my energy gets worse.¬† And they still cannot fix the a/c at school.¬† It’s on and off every day.¬† But at least, I’m not so worried about falling asleep while I am driving home after school.¬†

I’ve been able to go to school, except for when I have doctor appointments.¬† My illness has not been interfering with my job other than missing days — and maybe I may have to sit during class for a while.¬† The sitting depends on how much walking around school I have been doing during the day.

We lost a math teacher.¬† The school board move the teacher to a middle school, and now we’re without an Algebra I teacher in that slot.¬† We have a “permanent” sub, but he doesn’t know enough to be able to teach the students.¬† I send practice work, they practice, and the work is sent back to me to look at.¬†

Report cards went out on Monday for the first six weeks.¬† My students faired ok.¬† My honors class is not an honors class.¬† Someone misled them.¬† And they’re fond of telling me about how they played games last year in Algebra I.¬† Mr. Parker is no longer with us, Thank God.¬† I think the other math teachers have realized or heard that I’m having health problems; they’re actually behaving themselves and doing their work for a change.

Next week I go have a stress test taken, to finish checking out my heart.¬† I’ve been on the treadmill twice since this mess has started in six weeks.¬† Today¬† I could see some improvement in the way I felt after getting on the treadmill.¬† Yes, out of shape — but not that sickly tiresome feeling as before.

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