When They Come Marching IN!

Posted by on February 7, 2010

This is not my picture!

This is not my picture!

¬†They did it!¬† The New Orleans Saints won their first superbowl!¬† 31- 17¬† And I watched it.¬† My husband is the Saints fan.¬† I’m not really into football, but I watch it.¬† I watched it with my dad, and now I watch it with my husband.¬† My husband stands by the Saints, whether they win or not.¬† He always “watches” them.¬†¬† That is, when he’s not so nervously smoking a cigarette on the porch.

It’s weird to say they won.¬† I enjoyed the game.¬† It was a close one, and a clean one.¬† And I think the photo above captures why the Saints have stolen alot of hearts this year.¬† And isn’t Baby Brees (Brayden)¬† cute?

It was history in the making, and it was strange to be a part of it.¬† My sister was hysterical when she called me to celebrate.¬† She’s a diehard fan, too.¬†

Great job, Saints!

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