When They Come Marching IN!

Posted by on February 7, 2010

This is not my picture!

This is not my picture!

 They did it!  The New Orleans Saints won their first superbowl!  31- 17  And I watched it.  My husband is the Saints fan.  I’m not really into football, but I watch it.  I watched it with my dad, and now I watch it with my husband.  My husband stands by the Saints, whether they win or not.  He always “watches” them.   That is, when he’s not so nervously smoking a cigarette on the porch.

It’s weird to say they won.  I enjoyed the game.  It was a close one, and a clean one.  And I think the photo above captures why the Saints have stolen alot of hearts this year.  And isn’t Baby Brees (Brayden)  cute?

It was history in the making, and it was strange to be a part of it.  My sister was hysterical when she called me to celebrate.  She’s a diehard fan, too. 

Great job, Saints!

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