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Advent 2012 Week Four!

Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

Well here we are at Week 4 of Advent.  Soon Christmas will be here!  Just two more days!


These gifts are for use in 2d programs like PSP and Photoshop.

We have a set of masks that I made:



Then we have some tubes:




More tubes . . .



The rest of these gifts are for use in DAZ (version 3 and up) or Poser.

These are 3d Shape Props



These are some Ivy props and includes one planter:



This is an outfit for M4, including a vest, pants, and boots.



The rest of these gifts are for my Lil Pam doll.  You can download Lil Pam in Advent Week One.

This is a prop — a dress made out of Ivy



This is a zombie top to go along with Atryeu’s zombie textures from last week.



And here are some face and eye textures (2 downloads):

DOWNLOAD Eyes textures

DOWNLOAD Face textures


Scroll back through my blog for previous Advent weeks and for other goodies that were posted in between!

The rest of the¬†goodie posts are at Dragon’s Breath Forums


Thank you for visiting!



Advent Week Three!

Sunday, December 16th, 2012

Santa’s checking his list to see who has been naughty or nice!¬† Which one are you?

Here are my goodies for Week Three of the Dragon’s Breath Forums advent.

First we have some large photos of some nature textures for you to use in your texturizing.



Here are some Kiki Santa tubes to be used in PSP or Photoshop.  These are PNG format:



Here are some Gruggles Monk tubes:



The files below here are all for Daz Studio or Poser:

These are texture MATS for the scarf I made for Gruggles Monk.  Look for my post for Advent Week 2 to get the scarf figure.



These are 5 poses for the Gruggles Monk:



These are texture MATS for the Gruggles Monk, to change its color



And here are some more files for Lil Pam (offered during Advent Week 1).  This is the boy hair, hat, belt, and buckle.



For more goodies, please go to my home page of this blog and scroll back through all the goodies that have been posted, including Week 1 and Week 2.

More goodies can also be found at Dragon’s Breath Forums.

Advent 2012 — Week Two!

Sunday, December 9th, 2012


Well, here we are again!¬† It’s Week Two of Dragon’s Breath Forums Advent.¬† Another week closer to Christmas.¬† Are you ready?


First, I am sharing with you these Heart Scroll brushes that I made.  In the folder are brushes made for Photoshop CS 5 and PSP X4.  If you have earlier versions of Photoshop or PSP, I have also included the PNGs so that you can import your brushes yourself.



Have you seen that new, cute figure at 3DUniverse — Gruggles Monk?¬† It’s free.¬† Download him, and then download this scarf for him to wear!





And now for some more parts for Lil Pam!¬† In the first ¬†download you will get two ear styles (regular and fairy) that are smart-props.¬† You will also get the Girl’s hair.¬†¬†In the second download you will get the Basic Clothes, pack 2 — the skirt, tights, and boots.


Ears and hair

Basic Clothes Pack 2


You will find more gifts at Dragon’s Breath Forums.¬† And there are more Christmas tubes posted in the past few weeks on this blog.¬† Just scroll through the main page.

Advent 2012 Week One is here!!

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012


Dragon’s Breath forums is counting down to Christmas with their Advent Calendar.¬† This is my submissions to Week 1!


First, I have some animal shapes to be used in Photoshop.  These were created in Photoshop CS 5.



And now for my 3D surprise to the forum and visitors.¬† I have created my first poseable figure, who I call Lil Pam.¬† Now, this is my very first one.¬† I worked hard on her.¬† I know there are some icky joints that could use improvement, but¬† I thought she would make a good doll to play with anyway.¬† So please don’t write me complaining about the joints.

I had a certain amount of time to make her.  And of course, looking back now, I can see she may need some improvements, so in the future there could be a Lil Pam, version 2.  This was a great learning experience.


The zips below contain the basic doll and the basic outfit1.  You will have to come back next week to get hair props and more clothes.



DOWNLOAD Basic Outfit1


Now, you will find more goodies at the Dragon’s Breath Forum.



Advent 2012

Friday, November 30th, 2012

The members of my forum, Dragon’s Breath Forum, wish everyone a happy holiday season.¬† They would like to show off what they have learned and share some graphic gifts with you.¬† There will be gifts to be used in PSP, Photoshop, and DAZ/Poser.¬† The Advent activity starts Dec. 2, 2012.¬† You do not need to join the forum.¬† Come by and visit:¬† Dragon’s Breath Forums

Advent Calendar 2011

Sunday, December 4th, 2011

My forum group has begun an Advent Calendar activity.  It is a weekly countdown to Christmas, where they show off what they have learned in their various graphics programs and give out graphics gifts.  There will be gifts that can be used with PaintShop Pro, Photoshop, DAZ Studio, Poser, Bryce, and some other programs.   The Calendar is free to all visitors.  You do not have to register.  Drop by every Thursday until Christmas to see what gifts have been left under the tree.  The activity began December 1.


Celebrate New Years

Sunday, December 26th, 2010

Here are some files to help you celebrate New Years in the graphics world:

Some backgrounds for New Year renders:


A Layer Style and gradient in the colors below


Some 2011 tubes:


Some Poser tubes for the new year:


Christmas Countdown–Day 25

Saturday, December 25th, 2010

Well, Christmas is here and we have the grand finale of the countdown!

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Thanks to all for their comments.

Here are some frosted wintry overlays:


Here is a Frosted Layer Style for Photoshop


Here is a Paperclip Layer Style for Photoshop (paperclip shape not included)


Here are 3 poses for the Monster in the Cupboard.  The poses were created in DAZ, and some converted poses for Poser were made.  In the DAZ poses, the sick and the sleepy pose will not affect the facial features of the dragon.


NO LONGER available for download

Here are some sugar plum mats for Mavka’s Pixie outfit:


NO LONGER available for download

And here are some party mats for Mavka’s Pixie outfit.¬† After all, New Year parties are on their way!

NO LONGER available for download


Christmas Countdown — Day 24

Friday, December 24th, 2010

Some winter backgrounds for your renders:


Christmas Countdown — Day 23

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

It’s time for V4 to dress for the holidays:


NO LONGER available for download

NO LONGER available for download