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My Bucket List

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

Well, the end is near.¬†¬† This year, more than anything, has taught me that.¬† I’m close to ending my career of teaching.¬† I’ve already finished 22 years of teaching.¬† I’m trying to finish 30.¬† So 8 years to go.¬† But with my back and other health problems it could be shorter than that.¬† In fact, for a short time, I considered retiring at the end of this year.¬† I even contacted Teacher’s retirement for an estimate.¬† My retirement would be 46% of my current salary if I retired at the end of this year rather than 75% at the end of 30 years.¬† A big difference in pay.¬† We could still afford to pay bills, but we would be reduced to only paying for necessities.¬† I would be back to living like I was when I first became a single, divorced parent — something that has taken me almost 20 years to work so hard to get away from.¬† So after some hard thinking and praying, and some luck with my back,¬† I have decided to stick it out some more years, as many as I can.

The main reason being that there are some things around the house that we wish to fix and purchase and do, so we need the money.  This is my bucket list:

1.  Purchase new washer and dryer (DONE)

2.  Purachase new dishwasher and stove (DONE)

3.  Fix up bathroom and shower.

4.  Fix up boards on house, and maybe get siding.

5.  Fix up kitchen counters. (DONE)

6.  Pay off credit cards.  (one to go!)

7.  Buy an RV/sleeper trailer.  (DONE)

8.  Buy a new truck to pull trailer, if necessary.  (DONE)

9.  Fix the holes that were punched into the walls.

10.  Fix the ceiling fan on the back porch.  (DONE)

Some of these would not be necessities, and so can be scratched off the list if I had to retire early.¬† Actually, most of them can be.¬† We’d just have to live with the kitchen as is, etc.¬† But I’ve worked too hard to not have something to show for it in my retirement.

Now, if only I could impart the importance of being frugal on my children.

Pam’s Law

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

Well, I can tell you in retrospect, 2010 was an interesting year. It seemed like it was going to start off slow but that was only a misconception.  

I’ve been suffering with ongoing back problems, which I’ve learned to manage around the pain.¬† ¬†But the migraines that come now and then are getting worse. Perhaps they are related, but my latest doctor doesn’t seem to be too concerned on the migraines, other than relieving my pain. I went from having one doctor to having 5 doctors.

We won’t delve much into school.¬† ¬†School is always an interesting place.¬† ¬†But it is growing more interesting– much more interesting that I’m dreaming of retirement.¬† 8 years and counting.¬†¬† Too bad I didn’t win the lottery.

But I guess the most nerve-wracking events have been the hospital visits.¬†¬† 5 out of 8 immediate family members have had some kind of ER/hospital stay .¬†¬† My mother-in-law had fallen and broke her hip.¬†¬† Now she has alzheimer’s and since October, her faculties have quickly diminished.¬†¬† My father had emergency visit to the hospital for what turned out to be gout.¬†¬† My sister passed out and her son had to call the ambulance, for dehydration from flu. ¬†Oh, and my husband, who tried to operate on the vaccuum cleaner with a knife, stabbed himself, and I found myself driving him to ER to get some stitches.¬† And my son spent a week in the hospital at the end of October.¬†

I’m sick of hospitals.

¬†I’m sick of sitting in waiting rooms for hours before being brought into an examining room.¬† And then waiting in there before being seen by a doctor.¬† I have much better things to do.¬†

¬†And so, in keeping with the spirit of New Year’s and resolutions and making changes and such, I have proscribed Pam’s Law.

Pam’s Law:¬† No one –¬† absolutely no one¬†– will go to the hospital this year.

January 3, 2011 — Mrs. Broussard, my wonderful MIL, slipped and fell, dislocating her thumb, and spent the morning …..

 in the hospital!

 I can tell that 2011 is not going to be a quiet year!

Death by Cherry

Monday, September 6th, 2010

Almost done with the weekly grocery shopping, Pam glanced over at the bakery in Walmart.¬† Tommy’s mother would be coming for dinner tomorrow after church, and she loved sweets.¬†

Should I buy a cake, or make one, she thought.

Mentally, she checked off the ingredients she would need for tomorrow’s dinner.

“Oh, Tommy, did you say whether or not we had a can of chicken broth in the cabinet?”

“No, but I’ll go get some cans.”¬† And he walked off to the soup aisle.

Pam moved over to the cakes to see what was available.  Nothing called out to her, so she decided to just make a dessert.  On her way walking out of the bakery section, she stopped for a bit to watch the cooks decorating a birthday cake.  Some little girl was going to have a very pretty Barbie cake.  That is, if they finished on time.  The manager was hounding the girl to decorate it faster because the customer was supposed to be there in about 15 minutes.

Pam left the bakery and got in line to check out.

Time past, and Pam kept looking back to see if Tommy was coming.  Naturally, he would forget that he had told her to just go in line.  One more look back, and there he was, walking over to her.

“I fell,”¬† he said.

“You fell?”

“Yes, as I came around the fruit counter, I slipped on a cherry, and fell.¬† I had the 2 cans in my hands.¬† I didn’t want to let them go and them get dented, so I couldn’t stop myself from falling and I fell on my keister.”

“Are you hurt?”

“No, not me.”

“You hurt someone?”

“As I fell my hand hit the counter, and I lost my grip on the can.¬† It flew and smashed some birthday cake they were¬† making in the bakery.”

And that is how the Barbie cake died.

*No cakes were harmed in the making of this story.¬† Just my husband’s pride, his keister, and a mashed cherry that the Walmart crew should have cleaned up.

Nature Sanctuary

Friday, July 9th, 2010

This year we took a small vacation to Hot Springs, Arkansas, where my husband’s sister lives.¬† They have a house on Lake Hamilton.¬† So among seeing the sites around Hot Springs, we spent alot of time on the back porch watching the various birds and animals that we could see.¬† The slideshow below contains many of the wildlife that we saw, but there were also many that we saw that I was unable to take a picture.¬† Fortunately, I was able to capture many closeups from the back porch–my camera had a 40X zoom.


Some of the wildlife not pictured: the 5-lb catfish that my husband and Lewis caught while out on their trip, the bats, some blue jays, other fish, and plenty of other bird species that I could not name. Oh! and the mosquitos!

A Long Week

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

Well,¬† it’s actually been longer than a week.¬† This run began a week ago, Thursday, on Feb. 18.¬† I received a phone call from my daughter who had come home from school and answered the phone.¬† My mom explained that she had taken my dad to the ER.¬† I knew it was coming.¬† Just a few days before I had ordered her to get Dad to ER or at least his doctor’s office.¬† Apparently, six days before that he had been confined to his bed, unable to walk because one of his knees¬† and legs was badly swollen, and both legs and feet were in bad pain that he could not stand on them.¬† He wasnt even able to get up to use the restroom.¬† My father has diabetes, among other things, and so I insisted that my mom get him to go or take him to ER.

You have to understand my parents.¬† They’re both in their 70s and very old fashioned, and very independent and proud.¬† To say that they needed help would be very hard for them to ask.¬† So,¬† I have to order them.¬† Anyway,¬† my mom began to worry about my dad, and cut her dialysis short Thursday morning to go home and tell him that she was calling the doctor.¬† The doctor told her to get him to the hospital, so she called the ambulance.¬† And there I was getting this message from my daughter who did not know something was wrong with her Paw Paw because she had been busy either at school or work the past few days.

He was still in ER when I got home from school that day.¬† They had run blood tests and taken Xrays and really was not sure, but suggested Gout or something else.¬† Finally, they wanted to admit him but they couldn’t.¬† There were no vacant rooms at their hospital.¬† So he chose a hospital in a nearby city, a bigger city, and that hospital had no rooms either.¬† Flu season and pneumonia.¬† So¬† he chose another hospital in another city,¬† and this one had room, so my parents hospital sent Dad to the new hospital.¬† And he had to go alone because my mom had to get some rest so she could do her dialysis in the morning.

My sister that lives in the same town as my parents is a single parent with a child still in high school.¬† She manages a shoe store that only has 3 other employees than herself.¬† She was currently suffering from a bad sinus infection and had missed a district store meeting to go to the doctor.¬†¬† Her assistant manager had a family emergency out of state.¬† She had stayed long enough for my sister to go to the doctor, and then she took leave to go out of state, and there was my sister who was supposed to be at home under doctor care filling in for her assistant worker, and unable to help my mom and dad out.¬† I live 2 hours away and they wouldn’t even bother me while I was at school.¬† My daughter had to call me.¬†¬† My other sister lives 5 hours away and her work does not provide much time or leave for emergencies without being a pain in the a**, so my husband and I both took off from work on Friday and drove over to my parents’.

It was a long night, and long drive over there for only 2 hours.¬† But I worry.¬† I know my parents.¬† They are always too proud to ask for help and I know they waited a long time to tell us that Dad was having problems.¬† In the meanwhile, my godfather/uncle and his children called me and offer their assistance,¬† fussing at me to fuss at my mother to tell her to be sure to ask them for help when she needs it.¬† That is what they’re there for.¬† So, of course, I berate my mother about that offer when I see her.

After she rested from her dialysis, we drove my mom to the hospital to go see how my dad is doing.¬† My mom didn’t even know what room he had been placed into.¬† My dad had been alone in the hospital since the ambulance transfered him there.¬†

My dad is lying in the bed, in alot of pain.  He had taken more blood work and XRays that morning since he had gotten there.  He had seen one doctor, but again no idea what was wrong.  He was on antibiotics.  We stayed with my dad for 2 days, until the doctors figured out that he had Gout definitely.  By then the antibiotics were helping his knee and leg swelling to go down. 

I wasn’t too happy about the hospital.¬† They never refilled his pitchers of water.¬† They would fuss at him that he needed to sit up, rather than lie down, but when the nurses would bring him back for tests, they would transfer him into a lying position onto his bed, and didn’t even help him to lie correctly, let alone sit up the bed.¬† The back of the bed did sit up, after all!

But we stayed until we were certain they had identified what the problem was, and start treatment.

So on Sunday we returned home, knowing that my dad probably would not receive any visit from my mom, who was completely worn out from dialysis and all this stress, and my sister who was still covering for her assistant manager at the store.

I actually returned to work on Tuesday after having missed school Friday for my dad and missed school Monday for a workshop.  I found out that while I was out, my 2 substitutes did not give the assignments I had left.  My students just sat there.  They did not even check roll for me.  In addition, QST was coming next week, so I had to get my department teachers in shape for that evaluation.  It was a busy week at school, nonetheless.

My sister was able to visit my dad Monday morning at the hospital.  Then while she was updating me through chat that night, she was called by dad.  He was being released.  The medicine was helping.  He was able to walk around with a walker.  Still some pain, but it was decreasing.

So my sister had to turn around and go get my dad.

On Tuesday I checked in with my parents to learn from my mom that my cousins who had promised their undying aid, had refused to help my dad.¬† When one visited him Sunday morning, my dad was ready to start walking to the restroom rather than using a bed pan, and my cousin refused to help him out of the bed and walk to the bathroom that was in my dad’s hospital room.¬† That same cousin refused to come to my sister’s aid Monday night, to help my dad get out of the car.¬† Instead, she had to drive to go get her son, and between my sister, her son, and my mom (a dialysis/heart patient), they were able to get him in the house and in bed.

My dad is getting better with the medication and is walking around with his walker.

My sister never quite got over her sinus infection.  On Wednesday night, my nephew calls me to tell me he had to call the ambulance on her.  She had almost passed out in the shower.  The hospital doctor told her she was dehydrated (from vomiting) and that it was probably food poisoning. 

My nephew was my lifeline to the hospital.  He drove to the hospital to check up on his mom and wait with her.  I got in touch with my mom, and she got a ride to the hospital and waited with my nephew.

My sister got out of the hospital after midnight, and had to open her store the next morning.¬† She could not get in touch with her assistant manager.¬† One of the other workers would be in at 1:00, but came in earlier when Jeanne got in touch with her.¬† That worker cannot open or close the store because she’s new and not made a key carrier yet.¬† And the fourth¬† employee is a student, so would not be an opener.

My sister had called her district manager and left several messages about what was up, but he finally returned the call and told her to get herself to work or elseРeven though she had been in the hospital and was supposed to be at home recuperating. 

Payless ShoeSource has a bad employee plan.

The district manager should have told her:¬† give me the assistant manager’s number, I’ll call.¬† Or at the very least:¬† would you open, and I¬† am coming right over to relieve you.¬† Instead, he tells her to violate doctors order or she might lose her job.¬† So there’s my sister pale and weak as can be sitting in the store, barely able to move– worried about her job, and her welfare, and her son’s

I was ticked.

I spent Thursday making that district manager ticked, too.¬† I called PayLess’s customer service and placed a complaint against him directly.¬† Then I got my other sister to do the same.¬† And my husband.¬† In fact, my husband received a call back from Human Resources saying they had received other complaints — including a customer who called in worried that the worker in the Jenning store might pass out because she was so pale, and alone in the store.

They must have jumped on the District Manager, because he called the store later (after my sister had gone home when relieved by the worker) and made the girl a key carrier so that she could close and my sister would not have to return that night.¬† He then demanded the Asst. Manager’s number.¬†

You only get this kind of response when their job is on the line.  I wonder how he feels to be on that end?

We spent this past weekend back at my parents, checking up on all of them.¬† My dad is slowly getting better.¬† He’s walking around the house with and without the aid of a walker, and feeling less pain.¬† My mom is getting over her exhaustion, but she still has dialysis 3 times a week.¬† She has been driving herself to dialysis for about a year now.¬† See how stubborn she is!¬† My sister still looked a little pale.¬† She managed to keep her Saturday off.¬† (I don’t know how. :lol: )¬† And my nephew is slowly turning into a man.

Throughout all of this, I have been dealing with my own health¬† issues and pain.¬† In fact, when I took off Friday to go help my dad, I had to reschedule my doctor appointment that was planned that day.¬† I saw the doctor on Tuesday, who ordered blood work and XRays.¬† He believes I have arthritis.¬† The blood work showed ok.¬† I definitely don’t have Gout or diabetes.¬† My Xrays were good, except for my lower back.¬† There’s a problem with a disk.¬† It could be arthritis or something else.¬† I’m being referred to a rheumatologist.

So that should catch you all up to what has been distracting me from my forum and my hobbies.

Someone once told me that she didn’t believe I was in so much pain because I continued to teach.¬† Believe me, that member is no longer a member of this forum.¬† I teach¬† because I must.¬† It’s something I love to do.¬† And what am I supposed to do?¬† Stay home, give in to the pain, and whine all day — like that former member does?

I must admit, there are days that the pain is so much, I want to just close the curtains and never see daylight.¬† But…¬† I have been teaching for 21 years.¬† It’s in my blood.¬† And it’s what will pay the bills.¬† Besides,¬† even though I love my husband’s cooking,¬† I like my cajun cooking better.

Please understand that even though you may not see me post, I do check the forum daily for  problems.  Thank you, Shane and Ebs, for moderating in my absence.  I knew you two were perfect for the jobs.  Thanks to other members who PM me when they notice a problem, like spammers.  And thanks to all of you who are participating and holding up the fort.

No Room at the Inn

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

How can a hospital run out of rooms?¬† That hospital isn’t the largest, but neither is the community.¬† And then a second hospital with no vacancies?¬† What’s the odds?

Finally my mom had some sense and called the ambulance.¬† My father had not been able to get out of bed for about 6 days. His leg was swollen, and in a lot of pain.¬† He couldn’t walk on them, and his foot was hurting.¬† He barely ate–mostly because of the pain, but also because he couldn’t move around to get food when my mom wasn’t home.

My mom couldn’t finish her dialysis.¬† My dad was worrying her, so she went home early, and called an ambulance.¬† He was taken to the ER at the hospital, where they ran preliminary blood work and Xrays, but he had to wait in ER.¬† There were no vacancies in the hospital.¬†

What if he was in a more dire state?  What if he needed some emergency surgery, and then where would they put him afterwards?  In the hall?  I just cannot fathom how there could be that many people taking up hospital beds at one time. 

So he tried for a hospital in a nearby, larger town.  And it was full up too.

So, he tried another hospital in another nearby, larger city, and they had an opening.  And thus began a journey.

My dad would be traveling to a hospital 40 miles away–alone.¬† My mom couldn’t go.¬† She had to do her dialysis in the morning.¬† And I was in the other direction.¬† I could only imagine how scared and lonely he would be, going to a strange place, in pain, and having to worry by himself.

We were going in the morning, but that wouldn’t be soon enough.¬† I would worry all night, too.¬† After all, he was my dad.¬† Big, tall, strong.¬† If he would fall, then what would happen to me?

It’s been a busy week!

Monday, January 18th, 2010

Hi everyone
Sorry I’ve been a little scarce.¬† I haven’t had much time to work on the forum.¬† I’ve squeezed time in by checking the forum in the morning while I’m drinking coffee before I get ready for school, and then sometimes late in the evening right before I go to bed.¬† This doesn’t leave me much time to chat, just a few minutes to correct any problems, delete spammers, and maybe check a hatchling lesson or two.

School has been crazy.¬† Monday I had an IMT meeting so I was gone from my house from 6 am until after 6 pm.¬† Of course, school doesn’t end there, because there’s always papers to grade or lessons to prepare for the next day.¬† And then feed my family.

Our school district has mandated some practice tests for the state assessment.¬† They gave us a deadline for administering and scoring these tests, but they didn’t even have all the test materials ready yet.¬† So of course, we have been working on a day-to-day basis on what our daily schedules are going to be, changing them almost on a daily basis.¬† It’s been hard to know what we’re going to do in advance.¬† So¬† it’s difficult to tell the students to do homework because tomorrow we may find that we are testing instead of in our classroom.¬† Let’s just say my lesson plans for next week have changed countless times.¬† First, there was going to be a unit test on Jan. 22.¬† Then practice tests came.¬† We were losing 1 day of lessons for testing first week and 2 more the second week.¬† We tentatively moved the unit test to the following Tuesday (Jan. 26).¬† But then the unit tests came in and in the school board’s infinite wisdom the unit test didn’t even cover the 2nd part of the unit, so we moved the test back to Jan. 22.¬† And then Friday after class, I was told testing procedure has been changed.¬† And now, the math department has to test all their students during class time, so the test will now take 4 days more instead of 2 days — wiping out all of next week’s lessons, and the unit test is now moved back to Jan. 26.

Make sense?  Of course not.

Because of all that back-and-forth changing, I was unable to get lesson plans ready for next week.

Oh and did I mention that on Wednesday next week we are having a district-wide meeting at my school, using my math office.¬† So I have to prepare for that, too.¬† I can do the paperwork at home (though I’d prefer not to), but I got to be in the office to clean it up and set it up.¬† And I’m going to be in the classroom testing, while a small-group uses the office for testing.

Saturday, I had a workshop, so there went my Saturday.¬† The workshop was supposed to teach me how to use an ActivBoard or Smartboard in my lessons.¬† We’re required to attend 18 hours of inservice, so we can get an ActivBoard in our classroom.¬† Ok, I don’t mind getting teaching ideas, etc, and I would love to computerize my lessons.¬† Well, I spent 6 hours there for nothing.¬† The presenters presented things so disorganized and so slowly!¬† I got board and started playing around with the program and learned more in the 30 minutes of playing around, then I did sitting there for 6 hours.¬† In fact, after this first part we’re supposed to create a lesson on the ActivBoard, present it to one of our classes and return to the next workshop session¬† with reflections on the lesson.¬† I had my lesson completed before they even told us to start working on it.

Then Sunday was used up because of football.¬† I’m not particularly a sports fan, but it’s hard not to catch the fever this year with the Saints making it to the playoffs.¬† My husband loves football, and he must watch the games.¬† I tend to allow him this because football is really the only sport that he follows.¬† I must say that sitting with him to watch the games has been reminiscent of me sitting with Dad to watch his games.¬† lol¬† Anyway,¬† how ’bout dem Saints!¬† Then there’s the hour long phone call from my sister (the one who hates LSU football).¬† She is also anti- Dallas.¬† So she was sooooo happy when Dallas lost, and happy that the Saints won.¬† She has to call and celebrate.¬† Most of the time, I’m just listening and saying the obligatory “yeah” now and then.

I’ve been trying to stay on top of my daughter’s schoolwork more.¬† It’s hard because alot of times, I’m coming in from work and she’s leaving to go to work.¬† I wish sometimes she attended the same school I taught at.¬† Her school puts her grades on an electronic gradebook, but the assignments are not announced in advance.¬† If my daughter doesn’t do an assignment, I don’t know until well afterwards, when the teacher finally posts grades.¬† So I’m trying to be more diligent in checking for assignments, requiring her to leave her schoolwork on the dinner table when she has to go to work.¬† Knocking on her door at 6 am in the morning when I’m about to leave to tell her to study.¬† She’s a senior this year, and supposed to graduate in May.¬† I can’t let up now.¬† I’m almost done with her!

You know, some parents cry or feel a loss when the last one leaves the house.¬† Empty nest syndrome, they call it.¬† Me?¬† I’ll be too tired to feel a loss.¬† And I will be so relieved to have my house and my time back to myself.

Anyway,¬† here was just a little snippet of what’s been going on and why I haven’t posted much in the forum.¬† I hope to be able to post more this week, since all I’m doing is testing and won’t have lessons to prepare for.¬†

Have a great week!


Saturday, January 16th, 2010

This is an unsolicited restaurant recommendation!

Today my husband and I decided to eat at Pimanyoli’s, a sidewalk cafe located at the Crossing in Baton Rouge.¬† We had actually wanted to try it yesterday, but we showed up before they opened and so left to go to another restaurant.¬† That was our loss.

Today when I returned from my workshop, I had not eaten lunch and neither had my husband, so we decided to go eat a late lunch/early dinner.¬† I was actually surprised because the Saints kickoff was then, but my hubby was hungry.¬† So we went to Pimanyoli’s.

I immediately liked the restaurant as we walked in.¬† It’s atmosphere was very comfortable, and it looked upscale inside.¬† And they had the Saints game on, so hubby was happy.¬†

We had heard about the restaurant from his sister and brother-in-law, who heartily recommended their tamales.  In fact, my hubby had been craving tamales ever since.  So we began with their tamale dozen for an appetizer.  The tamales were great!  They were not too saucy or greasy.  They had a slight peppery taste, but it was not over-powering in the seasoning.  The tamales were well-rolled.

For lunch, we ordered poboys.¬† I ordered a brisket melt and my hubby ordered the smoked ribeye poboy.¬† Both sandwiches were great!¬† The meat was very tender and smoky and well-seasoned.¬† The food was served fresh and hot.¬† The french fries were hot!¬† My only complaint was that the food was a little salty, but I’m sure that’s because I don’t use salt at all.¬†

I decided to spoil my diet and order some bread pudding with rum sauce for dessert.¬† I wasn’t going to, but judging from the great sandwiches I was sure that the bread pudding was something I shouldn’t pass up.¬† I was not disappointed!¬† The piece was so large, about 4 or 5 inches wide and long, and a good 3 or 4 inches thick.¬† It was fresh, warm, and the sauce was good, too.¬† The bread pudding was good enough to tempt my husband to eat some, even though he usually doesn’t eat dessert.¬† We split that bread pudding piece, and we both had enough of it to eat from that one serving.¬† It was well worth the $4.50, and well worth spoiling my diet!

The menu had lots of good barbecue choices.  We want to go back and try every one of them.  The choices made our lunch order difficult to make, but we enjoyed our time there.  The owners were out in the dining area watching the game with us and serving as needed.  In fact, the husband is the one that served us our tamales.  The owners were very personable and helped to make the restaurant a comfortable, inviting, and classy place to eat at.  We will certainly be returning to eat there!

For more information and their menu, see their website.

For 225 article on Pimanyoli’s tamales

New Year Traditions

Friday, January 1st, 2010


People have many traditions to celebrate the New Year.  Here are just a few:

Baically, many of these traditions rely on the belief that you want to usher in the New Year, and luck and prosperity, too– not out.

1.  First Рfooters:  The first person passing through an outside door should be going into your house (not going out).  Not even an arm or other body part should leave the house until someone has come into the house first.  The ideal first person coming in to a house should be a tall, dark, handsom man, preferably carrying tokens of silver coins or lump of coal.  Do not let a woman enter your house first, or any blond or red-head (male or female) for they are bad luck.

2.  Kissing at midnight:  We should kiss our loved ones at the stroke of midnight, not only to celebrate, but to start the year off with love, for whatever we begin the year with will carry through the next 12 months.

3.¬† Ritual activities:¬† Because the way that we begin the new year will affect the next 12 months, everyone should begin the year with activities that they wish to continue throughout the year.¬† For this reason, don’t do things like laundry or taking out the trash, because you could be washing out or throwing away your luck.¬† Instead, do small successful projects for your work even if you do not go near your place of employment, to help you be successful in your job for the year.¬† Pay off your bills and debts before the first so that you do not start the new year in debt.

4.¬† Food:¬† Serve black-eyed peas, cabbage, and pork on New Year’s.¬† Cabbage represents money and wealth, and black-eyed peas health.¬† Pork is eaten because pigs root forward while chickens go backwards and cows stand still.

5.¬† Auld Lang Syne:¬† The current lyrics were written around 1796 by Robert Burns, and this song is played in the background at the stroke of midnight.¬† It means “old long ago.”

6.  Baby:  The tradition of using the baby image began in ancient Greek rituals to represent a rebirth.  The old man represents the old year and old habits that you want to change.  So being born on January 1 is considered lucky for any newborn.

So the way that we spend the first day of the year sets the tone for the rest of the year.¬† Many of us gather with family and friends to celebrate, eat good food, and maybe even watch football games–hoping that this love and comaraderie and good food last throughout the year.¬† Our usual New Years Day meal:¬† Glazed ham with pineapples, cornbread dressing, cabbage, and black-eye peas.¬† I’m not much for black-eye peas, but I will eat some for the New Year.¬† We usually invite family to join us, and take in a football bowl game.¬† I didn’t know about the tradition of work before I did this research.¬† I guess that’s why I spend the rest of the year not wanting to do any work.¬† lol

Another tradition of the New Year is to make resolutions.  Resolutions are promises to do something, usually to improve something.  The tradition of making new year resolutions can be traced back to the ancient Babylonians, who often made resolutions to return farm equipment.

My New Year resolutions of 2010:

1.  I will lose at least 30 more pounds (putting my weight at 265 or less).

2.  I will post to this blog at least once a week!

3.  I will exercise 30 minutes, 3 times a week.

Let this new year be a new beginning!

Happy New Year!

Friday, January 1st, 2010

My Wish for You in 2010
May peace break into your home and may thieves come to steal your debts.
May the pockets of your jeans become a magnet for $100 bills.
May love stick to your face like Vaseline and may laughter assault your lips!
May happiness slap you across the face and may your tears be that of joy
May the problems you had forget your home address!
In simple words …………

May 2010 be the best year of your life!!!