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Diary of a Plantkiller, Day 5

Monday, May 30th, 2011

Today is Memorial’s Day!¬† I wish all military and their families thanks for all their sacrifices in protecting our freedoms.

To help celebrate Memorial’s Day, we flew a flag in our garden:

Tommy worked in the garden today, finishing the mulch.  Then he decided that the yard needed mowing, and then of course he had to put out the sprinkler to water the yard.  He said a neat yard, and green grass was necessary to go with our pretty garden.

Everyone in the neighborhood is fixing up their yards.¬† It’s a neighborhood pride thing.¬† When one cuts their yard, the others do it.¬† They can’t look shabby now, can they?

Diary of a Plantkiller, Day 3 & 4

Monday, May 30th, 2011

Day 3 — Saturday we finished off the garden.¬† Tommy finished adding the last of the mulch, and then we went back to Home Depot.¬† Tommy wanted to buy some potted plants to put on the barstools in front of the windows.¬† While we were there,¬† I saw this stained glass butterfly wind thing to put in the garden.¬† lol¬† It’s taller than the flowers.

Starlite, I’ve been talking to the plants every morning.¬† Tommy says I can’t give them names, though.¬† I told him “Don’t be silly.¬† They already have names on their little information cards.”¬† The neighbors are probably wondering what I am doing walking around each plant every morning.¬† I can’t speak for all the plants, but the yellow lillies seem to like being spoken to.¬† They are blossoming nicely.

I still have to get a good night picture with the lights.  They have had time to charge now.

Day 4 — Sunday
Today we brought my MIL home to eat lunch with us.¬† She didn’t even notice the garden as she walked in the front door.¬† Hmph!¬† I told her that she would have to put on some old clothes and get out there and start weeding for her lunch.

Diary of a Plantkiller, Day 2

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

I like salads occoasionally, so weeds can be good.  They can be tasteless too.  lol  Back to no bread, no pasta, no rice, lowww sugar.

Thanks for the comments on the garden.¬† It does look nice.¬† Tommy put the solar lights in it.¬† I’ll take a pic of it later on this evening when the lights come on.¬† I’ve been seeing alot of dragonflies flying around.¬† That’s been nice.¬†

The sidewalk used to be lined with monkey grass, when we had bought the house.¬† I hated that stuff and always wanted to get rid of it.¬† Finnally, it’s gone!¬† the brick guys said they found some baby rattlers when they dug up the grass!¬† I’m so glad we did!

I’ve started my diet ok.¬† That’s not hard.¬† I wasn’t eating that much off the diet to begin with.¬† I’m going to try to get some exercise going regularly.¬† The little bit of gardening left me stiff today with my back.¬† I guess, I’ll have to start saying “no pain, no gain.”

It’s Day 2, and all of the plants are still alive!¬† Tommy’s talking about getting a few potted plants to put on the stools that we have on the porch behind the beds.¬† He’s a little proud of his work, too.

Diary of a Plantkiller

Friday, May 27th, 2011

School’s out for summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yay!¬† Finally!¬† I thought it would never come.¬† Well, yesterday was our first day off of school.¬† We spent it going to my doctor’s appointment in the morning.¬† It was the cardiologist — a year’s checkup.¬† The heart was good, but not the weight.¬† I knew the weight would be up but not by that much.¬† It was disheartening.¬† I can hardly exercise with my back, and I’m not eating any worse than what I was before this disk problem.¬† I was on my way to losing weight then, had just lost 25 pounds.¬† Now, I’ve gained it all back and more.¬† And all my doctor can say is just don’t eat.

Anyway,¬† after the doctor’s appointment, we went to Walmart’s to buy some “rabbit” food.¬† I guess I’ll be eating weeds most of the summer.¬† We’ll have to see how that goes.¬†

While we were there, I checked out the plants.¬† Tommy just paid a guy to lay bricks for 2 flower beds in front of the house, so I told him I was going to look and see what was available.¬† Well, one thing lead to another.¬† We found a couple of plants at Walmart’s that we liked.¬† But then we ended up at Home Depot, and bought the dirt and the rest of the plants.¬† 45 bags of dirt, and 50 plants later we have a nice colorful garden.¬†

Here’s a pic:

Lots of color, huh!  I told Tommy that if I was going to put the work into a garden and kill plants, I at least wanted the color!  And bless Tommy, when my back gave out, he finished off the job for me. 

I must admit.¬† I am a plant killer.¬† Don’t ask me how or why.¬† But I kill plants.¬† I do not know how long these plants will live.¬† I do not know when their hour will come, but I will enjoy their beauty while I can.